Who is Shona Jackson?

How are you?… ‘Shona’ is ready for pre-order! The addictive series is now complete. You can pre-order ‘Shona’ for only 99p for a limited time. Your kind of thing? Shona Jackson is new in town. Would YOU let her stay in your home? Everyone has a secret. Hers could get her killed… Mississippi, 1956. Shona JacksonContinue reading “Who is Shona Jackson?”

The nerves are setting in | Pre-order time!

Hey, how are you? We (my co-author and I) have been waiting a very long time for the moment when we put ‘Shona’ for pre-order on Amazon. It will be available to pre-order Saturday 2nd November We are excited but boy are the nerves setting in! We made sure that it was planned well, editedContinue reading “The nerves are setting in | Pre-order time!”

So this happened last night…. Bestselling book in my category on Amazon!!

  Hi! Hope you are well… Let me know what you have been up to. As you know I’ve been working on my book ‘Meet Me At 10’ for around 2 years. Its been my absolute passion project and a book I genuinely believe will change hearts and minds (and that was my intention). AfterContinue reading “So this happened last night…. Bestselling book in my category on Amazon!!”