For the Readers and Writers!

For the Readers and Writers!



Hope you’re well and you have been enjoying this boiling hot weather…? (Well, in the UK anyway)

I haven’t seen a lot of it as we have been busy working away on our projects before we head on a road trip in the UK  at the weekend, hoping to get lots of awesome footage (finally!) using our drone! (I feel like a kid who can’t wait to play with a new toy!)

This blog is definitely for the readers and writers out there!

We have info on books being released, writing and recommend reads!

I’m excited to have sent my Bucket List (book 1) titled ‘Project Me, Project You’ to our editor Gary at Bubblecow.



Click on link to check out his services, we fully recommend:


He said that it should be back end of august and then I will address anything he has found and after that, send out to beta readers!


Also, our prequel to ‘Meet Me At 10’ titled ‘Shona’ has come back from the editor and had all points addressed and this Friday or Saturday, it will go out to our amazing beta readers who have kindly volunteered! We genuinely wouldn’t be able to do it without them. They tell us from a reader’s point of view of where we could improve the book, and then we go

about making it the best version we can.




By the way, we have recently began working with Erin Hodgson who actually lives in New Zealand but literally feels by our side. She is starting up a business, at first I believe to help authors, to get more time back for the actual writing process.



She will literally help smash your to-do list as if by magic! She has helped us by working on our newsletters, transcribing, formatting and will soon be supporting us with our websites and research.


Her rates are really affordable and I 100% recommend her!

Check out her facebook page to contact her:


Want to get your book published?


We recently interviewed the lovely Emma Robinson who is author signed to Bookouture

She told us how she got her 3 book deal with them and what its REALLY like to be a published author.

Emma has recently released these two books:

Check out ‘The Undercover Mother’ here:


Jenny has too much on her plate: literally – she’s only expecting one child but she’s eating for at least three. Not to mention trying to juggle her nightmare boss, a know-it-all sister, and an infuriatingly laid-back husband.

She used to be known for her ‘Single Girl About Town’ column. But when her boss gives her job to a younger colleague, Jenny panics and proposes she blogs instead about being a clueless new mum. Surely people will find her new friendship group fascinating? (Even if the only thing they seem to have in common is that they all had sex around the same time 9 months ago…)

And if her readers aren’t quite hooked yet, maybe Jenny will just have to be more liberal with the truth. After all, none of the other mums will read it… will they? 

The Undercover Mother is a hilarious parenting page-turner that will make you laugh, cry and want to crack open the gin. Perfect for fans of Why Mummy Drinks and The Bad Mother’s Diary.


Check out ‘Happily Never After’ here:


Rory doesn’t believe in love. She’s got far too many real problems to deal with.

She’s just bought a tumbledown house. Her mother is generally behaving like a wicked witch, insisting on calling her Aurora, and generally interfering in her (admittedly pitiful lack of) love life. And her 16-year-old daughter has finally grown out of Disney princesses and discovered dating…

But Rory’s adamant that she doesn’t need saving. In fact, the only thing she’s wishing on a star for is a bit of practical help. However, when she meets a builder whose name is John Prince and who seems to be in the habit of rescuing her (right down to finding her lost shoe one evening) she might have to face a truth as uncomfortable as hobbling home barefoot – that maybe there’s something enchanted in the air.

Her mother, daughter and friends are convinced her prince has come, but Rory just wishes everyone could let it go. Especially when she hears a story that makes her question whether he is really the hero everyone thinks he is…


We continued our interview with Emma talking about her future plans…

Check it out here:

So, that’s the low-down for now. Hope you enjoyed the latest newsletter and that it gave you some ideas of where to send your manuscript or if Emma’s interview gave you some ideas of new books to read!

Let me know which book is your favourite!

Until next time,

Take care,



Time Flies!


Hope you’re well…

I honestly can’t believe how quick this year is going, can you?

Luckily there’s been lots going on so I really feel like I’m making the most of the year…

Our YOUTUBE channel

I’m chuffed to bits with the progress! I felt like only last week we had like 7 subscribers and I remember thinking ‘How on earth are we going to get to 1000!?’

Well now, we are at 958 subscribers!

Thank you so much to everybody who has subscribed. The aim of the videos are to show different ideas for Bucket Lists, tips on writing, our ups and downs of starting our business and travel.

If those kinds of things appeal to you, here is where you can subscribe:


If YOU have a YouTube channel, let me know and I’ll check it out too.

This video highlights the reason why we started the channel in the first place:

Why We Started…


Some other exciting news is that we have invested in some good kit for the channel. I can’t wait to fully explore what these things can do!

We bought a drone, new camera and MacBook Pro in order to make our videos even better!

You can buy this drone here:


We have taken it for a little test run (in a back garden!) and was so surprised at how easy it was to set up and to control. Can’t wait to get some awesome footage when we go away in the summer!

I was so scared to learn on this. If anybody knows me, new technology confuses me… until I ‘get it’ and then I get excited about it.

I’ve watched a million YOUTUBE videos on how to edit on a MacBook Pro and settled on getting ‘Final Cut Pro’ to edit our videos on. After a few attempts of getting frustrated, something ‘clicked’ and now I can’t wait to experiment more. It’s lovely to type on, is small enough to travel easy and is nice and light.

You can buy it here:


After researching for a while and speaking to people who know a bit about cameras, we settled on this bad boy. I’ve mastered the basics and I absolutely love it! It gives such a nice feel to photos and videos. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel in the coming months you’ll see how cool it is!

Check out the camera here:

Buy Camera here

I’m honestly so excited for taking pics, filming and editing cool footage!!


Sooooooo…. our Prequel to Meet Me At 10 is back from the editors and is being ‘fixed’ as we speak. The aim is to send ‘Shona’ to our  Beta Readers by August 1st.

We just want to add that we have used Gary and Caroline from BubbleCow editors.

BubbleCow Editors Website

They did our editing for ‘Meet Me At 10’ also and we love the way they feedback and their impressive turnaround time. Their prices are really good also, so I fully recommend them! Go check them out if you are needing an editor!

Bucket List Book 1

I’m now in full flow writing about my decade long Bucket List and because already I’ve done loads, I’m making it into a book series! It’s been awesome to reminisce at how many places I’ve been and how far I’ve come since my debilitating depression that started the whole thing off!

The aim of the books are to help and to show people who are looking to change their lives for whatever reason that just by coming out of your comfort zone just a little bit at first, you can end up anywhere!!

Bucket List Book 1 should be ready for the editors (BubbleCow) by the end of July.

If people need a front cover designing, the guy who did ‘Meet Me At 10’, ‘Shona’ And ‘Bucket List’ was:

I found him on a website called 99 designs and can’t recommend him enough!

That’s the latest! And that’s the short version! So many adventures to come!

Thanks for reading,

Take care,

Vicky x


Hi there!!

Again, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged!

It’s been mental again..

Hope you’re well….?

The main focus has been on getting our next book ‘Shona’ ready for our editor (Gary at BubbleCow : BubbleCow)

It should be back with us around 22nd June so up until then, we will be busying ourselves with all the jobs that needs to be done in the meantime… which is a lot!

One of the main things that has happened recently is that I’ve REALLY got into vlogging. The main thing I/we Vlog about is doing the Bucket List and on our writing journey to offer any tips on the process of putting a book out.

We have been so surprised at how many YouTube subscribers we have got in a short space of time. We are so grateful. The aim is to get to 1000 subscribers and we are almost half way there already!

It would be awesome if you would have a look at our videos and subscribe to follow our journey:

Afternoon Tea in a Castle: Peckforton Castle Vlog

Ticking off ‘Visiting 30 different National Trusts’ Chirk Castle

What I’ve decided to do is to upscale equipment so that the videos and the editing software are a better quality.

I’m excited to be getting a drone!!! I can’t wait to play with it already! If you subscribe you will see when I use it to film! I will see how I get on and will blog/Vlog on tips I’ve found with the equipment. So stay tuned!

I’m also getting a new camera and MacBook Pro which I’m scared about learning but can’t wait to use (if that makes sense…?) We are going on a trip in the summer and hopefully I would have learned it all by then, fingers crossed!

Our channel is here: Our YouTube Channel

To keep in line with the theme on the building series of ‘Meet Me At 10’ where we have a prequel as mentioned, we decided to get a new front cover for ‘Meet Me At 10’ so that the series looks the same .. we used the our same designer and this is what we came up with:

I’ve also got the process of designing the front cover of my Bucket List book underway, it will be completely different to these two books, can’t wait to see it!

Lastly, due to learning soooo much about the writing and marketing process, we have decided to write a beginners writing course. It will be ready later this year and can’t believe we already have a waiting list!

If you would like to receive the early bird offer of the course please let me know.

That’s the latest news!! Let me know what you’re up to..

Take care,

Speak soon..


Ticked a little thing off my bucket list | National Trust


I’ve probably said a million times… I’m on a mission to complete a bucket list of around 300 things! I’ve done around 200 things and have loved every second of doing it.

One of the things is to complete my National Trust Passport of visiting 30 different National Trust sites around the country.

Originally (when I had depression) it was so I would get out the house, get some fresh air and exercise.

I didn’t bank on how much I would love visiting the sites and how much I’ve leaned along the way!

We visited East Riddlesden Hall today and did a Vlog… we fully recommend you joining the National Trust, so good for value and great for walking/hikes, taking dogs etc.

Click here to watch: Bucket Listing at East Riddlesden Hall (VIDEO)

It would be brilliant if you could SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and follow our journey and we will let you know of more ideas for trips/days out

Vicky xx

All go, and all good…exciting times!


Can’t believe it was February when I last did a blog or a newsletter- time really is flying!

You well? What have you been up to?

It’s been non-stop, I’ve been really enjoying learning over the last couple of months especially around marketing etc.

The month of March was our bestselling month for ‘Meet Me At 10’! We also have surpassed our goal to get over 100 reviews!

If you would like to read ‘Meet Me At 10’ it’s still only 99p and you can download (or order the paperback) here:

We have been asked to give a talk by a local library this Thursday on the book and the process etc. Really looking forward to that and hope to do more talks in the future!

We worked with the same designer to finalise the front cover of the prequel to ‘Meet Me At 10’ – SHONA . If you wanted to contact our designer, here is the email address:

If you want to be added to our pre-order list for Shona, please let me know.

I’m quite excited that the Audiobook of ‘Meet Me At 10’ is due to be finished on 30th April 😃

We used a company called ACX and I really loved the process, here is their website for the authors out there: ACX


I really can’t wait … we have booked our summer trip! A proper Bucket List adventure! We are going with a company called Expat (who we have been with before when we did a Europe trip) and we loved it so much that we are going with them again to 10 countries!

If you want to check out their website for what other trips they do, click here: EXPAT EXPLORE

We have also just started a YouTube channel! We are beginners and each Vlog I upload, I’m learning more and more and being honest, it was something I was nervous about and I’m actually quite shy as a person when it comes to the camera!

We have hit our first goal of getting over 100 subscribers, but our next BIG goal is to reach 1000 Subscribers… the aim is to spread awareness with mental health, and how Bucket listing helped me get over depression and made me have a thirst for travel and writing which is very slowly but surely turning into a career.

If you have a YouTube account, it would be awesome if you could support us (and likewise we will support your channel) by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button here:

Our YouTube Channel

You can see some of our videos too! (I’m learning all the time)


I can not even tell you how many books, articles, blogs etc I have read in the process of bringing out ‘Meet Me At 10’ (as well as all the mistakes I’ve made that of course adds to the learning process) and marketing it to bestseller status in its category. I’ve found that I have a passion for the process of writing and then promoting. When we (Claire Hackney- my co-Author and I) have been asked to give talks, I found I thrived when helping others create and then bring that idea to a book plan and then advice of how to take it forward.

So…we have designed a Writing Course for beginners. We have had so many writers contact us (mainly on twitter) asking how we actually plan, research, write and then market a book that I felt because I was repeating myself, I thought ‘Why not just design a course?’

The course will be ready towards the end of 2018 but we have been surprised by the number of people who have put their name down to be contacted as soon as it becomes available. It’s affordable, simple, online and will be in printed form so whichever suits.

If you would like to be contacted about the ‘FreeWriter’ course, just let me know.

Books I recommend…

I don’t get a lot of time to read, but here are some books that I recommend:

An author friend of mine Emma Robinson (who met us at one of our talks) has signed with a publisher and released her debut novel ‘UnderCover Mother’ and it has absolutely smashed it in the Amazon charts!

Here are the details:

Click here to buy: UNDERCOVER MOTHER

Another book I recommend for the business side of things is:

I’ve got soooo many business ideas out of this (including the idea to create ‘FreeWriter’) that if you are in business or have customers in any way, read this! Get it here: CRUSHING IT!

What I have found helpful, is in between the craziness of writing, marketing, working etc is to go out for nice long walks. I also made it a Bucket List thing to visit 30 different National Parks in the country (you get a stamp at each one for your ‘Passport’- that I think is meant for kids, but anyway!)

I find that when I take a break from it all, I actually end up coming up with solutions for things and more book ideas!

Join National Trust here: (no I don’t get commission on any of these recommendations!) – INFO ON THE NATIONAL TRUST HERE

Well… I hope some of these things have been able to help you too. Until next time,

Take care,

Audiobook, New front cover, writing tips from bestselling authors.. new business idea and what I’m reading…..

Hi ya..

Hope you’re well..? What have you been up to?

It’s been busy this end, but all good. I’ve been liaising with a narrator using ACX (amazon audiobook company).

This is their website for all the authors out there:

We have gone for a female who has a southern American accent as that’s where Meet Me At 10 is based.

Thank you to everybody who has been reviewing Meet Me At 10 on Amazon. Click here to see the reviews if you were thinking of buying it:

I’m also really excited to be getting the brand new from cover done for ‘Shona’ . I’m using the same who did our cover for ‘Meet Me At 10’. We use a company called 99 designs and I can’t recommend it enough. You only pay when you are 100% satisfied. All it takes is for you to register for free, pick your budget, put out a description of what you would like with some examples and different designers ‘bid’ for your work. You narrow them down until you get to the one you want and ask them to tweak if and where needed. Their website is here: https:

When the front cover for ‘Shona’ is finished I’ll share it! Can’t wait.

We have been getting into vlogging recently and have a YouTube channel of us learning as we go, giving tips on bucket list places to go, writing tips and generally life stuff.

Watch our latest Vlog here: and we would love it if you clicked ‘SUBSCRIBE’ too.

I got a new business idea after reading Gary Vaynerchuks latest book ‘Crushing It’ and will develop it as the weeks go on but I genuinely recommend this book to anybody who has a business or starting one up. Link to the book is here:

Lately we have been out to a few National Trust sites. It’s on my Bucket List to visit 30 different sites and get stamps from each place for my National Trust passport. I have around 19 stamps so not many to go.

Definitely recommend becoming a member as it’s so much cheaper. We pay about £9 a month. It’s great for families, walkers, people with dogs etc.

Their website:

After walking in my Adidas boost trainers, I decided to invest in proper walking boots and can’t wait to try them out.

I got them off amazon here:

Writing is going well for ‘Shona’ and for ‘Bucket List book 1: Project Me, Project You’. The plan is to get the audiobook of Meet Me At 10 our in May/June, and the two books we are working on out by around November/December time along with the screenplay for Meet Me At 10. Also, this business idea should be up and running towards the summer or end of the year also. So it’s pretty full on, but I’m loving it!

Just to end with some tips from the greats, click here to read tips from Peter James, Angela Marsons, Gillian McAllister and Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black:

Peter James:

Angela Marsons:

Gillian McAllister/Dustin Lance Black:

Thank you for reading, hope the tips help, take care,

Vicky x

Quick Writer Tip- how to plan by bestselling author Angela Marsons ‘Broken Bones’

Check out her books here:

Want to know how the best plan their stories and organise their plots and twists? Here is Angela Marsons explaining how it’s done.

‘My tips on generating plot twists is to keep it as natural as possible. They don’t have to be big twists as long as you continue to surprise the reader by changing direction here and there. I never start a novel with plot twists in my head, they often come as I’m writing because that’s when I’m getting to know the storyline and characters better myself. I think planning is an individual thing. I plan very little and prefer to just get stuck into the writing once I’ve researched my chosen subject. Normally but the time I’ve written about ten chapters I have to scribble a timeline on an A4 piece of paper which I add to as I write but if I plan too much it takes both the fun and the surprise out of the writing process for me so I prefer the story to grow organically as I go’

Book description:

They thought they were safe. They were wrong.

The murder of a young prostitute and a baby found abandoned on the same winter night signals the start of a disturbing investigation for Detective Kim Stone – one which brings her face to face with someone from her own horrific childhood.

As more sex workers are murdered in quick succession, each death more violent than the last, Kim and her team realise that the initial killing was no one-off frenzied attack, but a twisted serial killer preying on the vulnerable.

At the same time, the search begins for the desperate woman who left her newborn baby at the station – but what looks like a tragic abandonment turns even more sinister when a case of modern slavery is uncovered.

The two investigations bring the team into a terrifying world of human exploitation and cruelty – and a showdown that puts Kim’s life at risk as shocking secrets from her own past come to light.

Get it here:

Happy writing!

Vicky 🙂

Writer Tip- How to plot your story by bestselling author Gillian McAllister and Oscar Winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black…

So you have your book idea right?

How do you actually get from A to B? From beginning, middle and end?

It can seem daunting but these writer tips will help you.

Quick tip from Oscar Winning Screenwriter of Milk’ click here to checkout:

Is this… (YouTube video)

Also in favour of this style is bestselling author Gillian McAllister author of ‘Anything You Do Say’ here: (click to check out)


Would you run, or stay and call an ambulance, if it was you that pushed him?

‘A terrific premise, delivered with panache’ CLARE MACKINTOSH

‘Dark and intense . . . an exhilarating, hold-your-breath read!’ Prima

It’s the end of the night. You’re walking home on your own.

Then you hear the sound every woman dreads. Footsteps. Behind you. Getting faster.

You’re sure it’s him – the man from the bar who wouldn’t leave you alone.

You make a snap decision. You turn. You push. Your pursuer tumbles down the steps. He lies motionless, face-down on the floor.

Now what?

So.. hope this helps you to plan your book!


Quick tip from multi-million selling author Peter James on how to generate book ideas….

Do you want to write a book?

Have no idea where to start? It can seem overwhelming right?

Well ideas can be found EVERYWHERE!

Who better to get a quick tip from that bestselling Author Peter James who has written the famous DS Roy Grace crime novels (18 million copies sold worldwide- and counting)

Check out his latest book ‘NEED YOU DEAD’ here:


Roy Grace, creation of the CWA Diamond Dagger award winning author Peter James, faces his most mysterious case yet in Need You Dead.

Lorna Belling, desperate to escape the marriage from hell, falls for the charms of another man who promises her the earth. But, as Lorna finds, life seldom follows the plans you’ve made. A chance photograph on a client’s mobile phone changes everything for her.

When the body of a woman is found in a bath in Brighton, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is called to the scene. At first it looks an open and shut case with a clear prime suspect. Then other scenarios begin to present themselves, each of them tantalizingly plausible, until, in a sudden turn of events, and to his utter disbelief, the case turns more sinister than Grace could ever have imagine

PRE- ORDER his next book ‘DEAD IF YOU DONT’

by clicking here:

Book description:


Roy Grace, creation of the CWA Diamond Dagger award winning author Peter James, faces his most complex case yet in Dead If You Don’t.

Shortly after Kipp Brown and his teenage son, Mungo, arrive at the Amex stadium for their team’s biggest-ever football game, Mungo disappears. A short while later Kipp receives a text with a ransom demand and a warning not to go to the police if he and his wife want to see their son alive again. But as a massive, covert manhunt for the boy and his kidnappers begins, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace starts to realize that not all is what it seems . . .

Lovely weekend of starting our writing projects and a bucket list day out.. and our first proper vlog! 😃

Hope you’re well..?

What have you been up to over the last few day?

I’ve really sensed being busy, it’s been ramping up since Claire and I started our writing projects. I’m writing ‘Bucket List 1- Project Me, Project You’ which tells the story of why I started my Bucket List and how it’s helped me get over depression.. and then it changed my life completely!

Claire is writing the prequel to Meet Me At 10 titled ‘Shona’ as she is one of the main characters and has an interesting back story.

If you still haven’t read ‘Meet Me At 10’ it’s on offer for only 99p (download) here:

Click here to order!

We are so chuffed that we have had 90 reviews already on!

We start our projects first with discussion and rough ideas, then we write down research points, character traits and people we can imagine playing that person. (Which means we go through a lot of index cards! I got this idea from watching the Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black here: Stop Writers Block!

The film above is what it looks like after.. still rough but getting there.

Anyway, we took a break from writing by doing a Treasure Trail (this was something on my bucket list initially) but we enjoy them that much we do them to get out and about. This is their website: Treasure Trails !

This particular treasure trail ‘Lymm Ducks’ in Cheshire was up there with my favourite one. It’s quite steep in places but believe me, if I can do it, you can too! It’s around 1 and half to 2 miles, but we walked round the lake etc and so we did 3 miles but the lake is beautiful!

Later we did another ‘National Trust’ site. (Their website: National Trust)

It was on my Bucket List to complete 30 national trust sites. (You get a stamp in the shop at each one). I’ve loved doing this as you get exercise, fresh air, learn quite a lot and it’s cheap! We are now members for around £9 a month I think but the value is brilliant especially as it won’t be long and it will be spring time! 😎

Our visit (and the rest of our adventures this week) can be found in our Vlog here:

Our Vlog !

Today is quite an admin day, book marketing, writing (oh and some housework 😕)

But we are planning for some more adventures on the weekend! It would be awesome if you subscribed to our YouTube channel!


Meet Me 10 on amazon: Buy here!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Watch our first Vlog!

National Trust: National Trust website

Treasure Trails: Click here to go on adventures!

Thank you!

Vicky x