Day 1 Dairy Free … My journey to a healthy mind body and soul continues ….

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Ok – so I’m very new to blogging but I feel that I have a story that I have to share with the world!! I am a professional singer, lucky enough to tour the world with my job and I love it and love life – a writer and songwriter and professional public speaker, plus I’m releasing a product to market that I’ve been working on for the last ten years …

Most of all, I’m on a mission to make my mind body and soul a healthy and happy place. This is something that I have been working towards for the last 2 years – I have a very long and complex story – and I’m dedicated to finding the things that make me feel better and that can help others like me …

I was 25 years undiagnosed as a coeliac and ended up diagnosing myself with a…

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30 Days of Running- Bucket List

Here’s the thing….

I hate running. Ok, I don’t HATE running, I’m rubbish at running. I didn’t used to when I was in the Royal Navy and was super fit, but that was 11 years ago when I left.

Since then, I got a desk job and got mega unfit.

This weekend was the wedding of a Navy friend of mine and I was sat on the rowdy Sailors table which was brill! But it took me back to them days where I thought nothing of a 3-4 mile run around the dockyard. To run that distance now seems like a dream. But dreams have to start somewhere right?

To top it off, my friends new lovely wife, Kim has completed the London Marathon after only 4-5 months training and didn’t even own a pair of trainers before she met her new husband. This inspired me. Also the fact that on my table t the wedding was this great couple who were planning on an hours run’ the morning after the wedding reception! And they did it too!!! This was inspiring also. I have to do something to turn my fitness and confidence around when it comes to running. They say the only way to get better at running is to run!


It’s on my Bucket List to complete a challenge of going out for a jog every day for a month starting on April 1st- nope, not an Aprils fool!

What do you think? Will I complete it? Let me know your comments below.

I will blog every day after my jog to keep you updated….

Right… Need a decent pair of trainers!!!

I faced my fear of Public Speaking- Bucket List!!!

It’s completely understandable of why Public Speaking is feared!!.  

I lost sleep over it, I couldn’t eat my breakfast due to butterflies. I even ‘had’ to go out to the cinema the night before to distract my mind from it. We saw the film Suite Francaise- fantastic film- go see it!!

I was asked to do 30 min presentation to 120 people on communication etc. I used some activities I’d found and done real-life stories from my time in the Royal Navy.

Sooooo many times (especially due to at the moment, I’m going through a tough time) I thought ‘Nothing is worth being this nervous!’ And I was going to quit before I did it.

But…. I did it!!!

It was one if the most frightening things I’ve ever faced. But once I got into it you know, I quite liked it!

Now I’ve been asked to do it all again- twice!!!!!


Song/Poem I wrote for Armed Forces personnel and families Titled: BRAVE 

As you may have read, I was in the Royal Navy for around 4 years. It was one of the most exciting times if my life…. And most scary.

I served in the Gulf (proudly have a medal) and never forget the feeling of when you are deploying for 6-7 months.

We always got told how brave we all were but not enough was said for the people back home being strong and brave for us.

I wrote a beautiful song titled Brave that depicts the feeling of being brave from all different points of view.

The first, was a parent saying goodbye to their son/daughter and seeing how brave they were. Then I describe how the the soldier/sailor/airman feels that a new young serviceman is deploying to a war zone for the first time and how they feel that they want to protect them even forgoing their own safety.

Is love to record this track… Just saving up the pennies to. The poem version was published on a Forces website, can’t wait for you all to hear it.

My dream is that it is the Help For Heroes or Royal British Legion song and that every download (100% of the profit) goes to those charities.

I wrote from the heart and know firsthand the heartache of leaving home to go on a potentially dangerous deployment. I’d love for it to be released for a Remembrance Day.

Let me know your comments, thank you.

Here are the lyrics

> Brave

> Damn clock,
> Seems to tick down loud,
> My heart stops,
> At the doorstep feeling proud,
> You’re scared,
> But cover your trembling hands,

> I’ve left,
> A letter in your bag,
> To glow bright,
> For when it gets too bad,
> Wish I,
> Could be as close as the words on the page.

> To keep you safe from harm,
> But the badge on your arm
> Means you,
> You’re a hero to us all
> You’re so brave

> I’m so proud to share my life with you,
> And I’m so scared,
> But I can’t say that to you,
> I just pray that you come home safe
You’re so brave

> 18,
> Seems no age at all,
> You’re so short,
> But standing ten feet tall,
> I’ve made,
> A promise to stay right beside you

> When you don’t think I hear,
> You try to hold back the tears
> Missing home,
> Through the noises that ring loud,
> You’re so brave

> I’m so proud to share this all with you,
> Yeah I’m scared but can’t say it to you,
> I just pray
> That we get home safe,
> You’re so brave 

> Today shook my world apart theres a space right beside me,
> I tried my best to save you but all in vain,
> Gonna tell them at home how you inspired me,
> I read my letter over again,
> But its tear-stained

> I’m so proud to have shared my life with you,
> I was so scared and I know that you were too,
> I just pray that we’ll meet again
> Someday

Thanks for reading

07871 176865

Track I wrote Titled Save You in honour to friend I lost to ‘Stupid’ Depression…

I thought I’d share this track I wrote and recorded. 

It’s for anybody who has lost somebody, mainly to mental illness. I still don’t think we do enough or talk enough about it. There is still a stigma attached to depression and other mental illnesses.

I’d like to think that if I knew more about depression at the time, I may have been able to save one of my best friends at the time. Her name was Vi .

I found her in her attempt to take her own life. The sight is something I wouldn’t want anybody to see. My heart broke.

She just about survived that attempt ( I have no idea how) but unfortunately succeeded in her attempt a little while later after refusing treatment in hospital. 

She was battling depression for years. Everybody started to ‘steer clear’ of her, when what she really needed was love and understanding. I tried, and to this day, feel I failed to ‘bring her back’ hence me writing a song called Save You.

I cried when I recorded it in the studio up in Manchester.

I hope you like it. Literally every word is true.

Thank you,

Vicky x

A little about me….

Hi, thank you for visiting my page/Blog.

I was a bit ‘late to the party’ when it came to blogging, but now I love it.

I used to be in the Royal Navy from age 20-24, and had fun travelling the world with the most fantastic bunch of people. I still keep in touch with some of them. Before that, I was at college doing my A Levels, loved being at school as I discovered Songwriting. I never really fitted in and wrote songs about it. I used to be in the girls football team and get bullied for doing so, now I think it’s fantastic that so many girls play!! These trying times would help for the challenges later in my life.

I worked at the Probabtion Service, now work in a school and studying for a degree with the Open University. Working round young people gives me the energy and inspiration to live the busy life I do.

When I was 30 (I’m 34 now) I was going through a rough patch, and so decided to write a list of things that would get me out of it. The Bucket List was born.

There are now 300 challenges/tasks on the Bucket List. To date, I’ve completed over 160 of them. I want to complete as many as I can by the age of 40.

I’ve faced my fears such as holding a tarantula, giving blood, donated to charities,  studying for a degree in a subject I’m passionate about -Psychology- travelled the world (on a shoestring) such as Hawaii, LA, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Morroco, Alaska to name but a few. The stories that have happened along the way already would make an interesting read so my friends tell me!

I’ve been keeping a diary along the way, taking pictures so when I’m finished I’d love the world to see what can be accomplished when you change your mindset. The people you can meet, the good that you can do and how you can affect others by thinking differently and challenging yourself.

My reason for blogging is fairly simple. I have a few dreams that hopefully I will achieve.  I’m working on publishing novels, getting publishing deals for my songs and inspiring others to live a more fulfilled, creative and exciting life.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading my posts…. And maybe create your own unique Bucket List.

Trust me, you won’t be sorry… In fact, you will Thank me!!

Take care, happy adventures!

Vicky x

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My vivid dream of Will and Jada Smith on their private jet as part of my Bucket List…

Wouldn’t normally blog about my dreams, but…. I woke up absolutely gutted this morning.

I had a dream that for some reason I was travelling with Will and Jada Smith. I remember thinking how awesome (and funny) they were. I was on their private jet (as it’s on my Bucket List to travel on a private jet just once!)

We had travelled from Antarctica to Nee Zealand. (Antarctica is on my list too). Will Smith was doing some cool work with conservation with the Vice President in Antarctica (!!)

We were approaching Auckland Airport and my heart was beating with excitement as my sister and niece now live in New Zealand. But I was told at the last minute that eventhough we were landing at Auckland airport, I couldn’t get off the plane to see my family. I was gutted. Instead, I was returning to London. 

Will and Jada were doing some filming in New Zealand, I’d recommended all these places to visit and was really going to miss them. I’d hoped that we would stay in contact.

Will felt really sorry for me and asked his PA to bring his wallet over.

Will said he had a credit card and that it had £11 million credit on it, but that I was to get £900,000 as a gift so I could complete my Bucket List, write my book and donate some of the profits to the charities I wanted to help.

I remember saying to Will ‘please don’t let this be a dream, please don’t let this be a dream…’

Then I woke up 😔

But thank you Will and Jada!! ☺️

My Anti Bullying Track -House Of Cards

It was on my Bucket List to write a song for charity.

I came up with this track called ‘House Of Cards’. It signifies how we appear to be strong as house on the outside to peopl but how bullying can literally wreck you and that you are actually as flimsy and fragile as a house of cards.

There is a positive meaning at the end whereby if you understand WHY people behave in the way you do, you unlock them and eventually be able to help them to flourish.

I’m looking for a charity that will take this song on to where all proceeds of the download of the song will go to them.

House Of Cards: 

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Thanks for your time,


My Country/Pop/Rock track with Ross Hemsworth-Waiting For The Postman To Come

So… Ross sends me this backing track with the working title of ‘Waiting For The Postman To Come’.

The music was out of my comfort zone, but I immediately got a melody and a storyline… I went with the title.

I got this idea that a woman has a major crush on her postman (anyone here ever crushed on their postman!?) and so she thinks of excuses to get him to deliver parcels.

She’s pretty convinced he feels the same, so bites the bullet and send HIM  a letter… But what will he say?

Recorded with Ross in Somerset (beautiful part of the world! Even drove by Cheddar Gorge on way home which was on my Bucket List)

Here is the song:

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Thank you

Vicky x

Short Story competition …

So, I came 2nd in the Short story competition, I was really chuffed.

I loved writing it, really enjoyed the process. I used the Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Blacks’ method of using index cards. (Boyfriend of Tom Daley). For me, it makes it soooo much easier as I’ve never had writers block because the scenes are laid out in front of me so it’s just like joining up the dots.

I’m already working on the next short story eventhough it’s not due until May. It’s called Meet Me At 10. It has to include a vending machine! Random I know!

But I’ve got a really emotive idea whereby 2 people always meet at the vending machine everyday at 10, but if their ‘friendship’ gets found out, there could be tragic consequences….. More on that later.

Have a good Saturday. 

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Take care,

Vicky x