Chapters 1 -22 ‘Meet Me At 10’

Welcome to chapters 1-22 More information about me and the book (plus my other passions-Music and Bucket Listing) an be found here: Happy reading 🙂 Meet Me At 10 Chapter 1 ‘Oh Lord, Hear my prayer, Oh Lord, Hear my prayer, Grant my enemies a song that will fill their head instead of me,Continue reading “Chapters 1 -22 ‘Meet Me At 10’”

Chapters 1 – 19 ‘Meet Me At 10’ “We’ve all been summoned”

Hi.. Thank you for taking the time to read this latest instalment of my book ‘Meet Me At 10’ and when its finished, it will be a big ‘tick’ off of my Bucket List! Read more about that and my music on my website here: receive a newsletter every week/fortnight on writing tips, BucketContinue reading “Chapters 1 – 19 ‘Meet Me At 10’ “We’ve all been summoned””