FREE first few chapters of ‘Meet Me At 10’ !!

Hi! Thanks so much for your support with our journey of releasing Meet Me At 10! We are so excited to finally have others read what we have been working on for so long. Link to order Meet Me At 10 here:   So….here it is!   About the Authors Vicky Jones was bornContinue reading “FREE first few chapters of ‘Meet Me At 10’ !!”

New blurb: Meet Me At 10

Hi! It’s not long to go until release (8th November) but you can pre-order. Here is the latest blurb: “Captivating from the first page, a bittersweet story about love crossing boundaries.”* It’s 1958 and Shona Jackson, a twenty-something tomboy, is on the run from the neighborhood in Louisiana where her dark secret has been exposed.Continue reading “New blurb: Meet Me At 10”

Meet Me At 10 – Reviews so far (ARC copies)….

Hi! As you know… the day is getting nearer for the release of long-awaited book ‘Meet Me At 10’. We are chomping at the bit to get it out into the world, we honestly can’t wait! We have read the story over and over and over and each time, we fall in love with itContinue reading “Meet Me At 10 – Reviews so far (ARC copies)….”

Learning to be Patient

It’s been a hectic few weeks, but really good hectic, you know? I finally finished an epic project for my Open University degree (in Psychology and Criminology) that seemed to take forever. I have two more assignments and one exam then from June 10th, after 5 long years, I will have completed my degree! WithoutContinue reading “Learning to be Patient”

Review- My Bucket List trip to the Azores 

Hi, Thanks for stopping by.. If you follow me, you’ll know I’ve been going on about my Bucket List. When I was 30 I made a bucket list, it’s got around 300 challenges on it and I’ve completed around 190 things. One of those things was to visit the Azores. I heard about the placeContinue reading “Review- My Bucket List trip to the Azores “

Book Review – Soldier Spy

Get it on Amazon here: Soldier Spy Hi, People round me know, as of writing my own book ‘Meet Me At 10’ (coming out October this year) I hardly have any space to read what I call proper books. I read book marketing books, biographies but not these kinda books. It was on myContinue reading “Book Review – Soldier Spy”