Pre-order time tomorrow! Eeeeeek!!! 😳

Shona Everyone has a secret. Hers could get her killed… Mississippi, 1956. Shona Jackson knows two things—how to repair car engines and that her dark childhood secret must stay buried. On the run from Louisiana, she finds shelter in the home of a kindly old lady and a job as a mechanic. But a woman working aContinue reading “Pre-order time tomorrow! Eeeeeek!!! 😳”

Free Book | Short Stories | Coming soon…

Short Stories Hey… you well? In the new year, I can’t wait for us to bring you 3 free short stories. They are: The Nurse, The Teacher and The Gardener. These short stories are prequels to ‘The Burying Place’ We will begin writing these within the next week. The best bit is, they are FREE!Continue reading “Free Book | Short Stories | Coming soon…”

The nerves are setting in | Pre-order time!

Hey, how are you? We (my co-author and I) have been waiting a very long time for the moment when we put ‘Shona’ for pre-order on Amazon. It will be available to pre-order Saturday 2nd November We are excited but boy are the nerves setting in! We made sure that it was planned well, editedContinue reading “The nerves are setting in | Pre-order time!”

I’m back…. I think…?

  Hey.. Hope you’re well..? It’s always the way that just as you’re getting into the most stressful time (i.e. we are almost at the point of putting our books on pre-order) we seem to get technical difficulties. I changed over blogs as I thought it would be better (grass is greener and all that)Continue reading “I’m back…. I think…?”

What are the Amazon top selling books?…

Hi there! Love books? Need a new read? Look no further than this short list of books that are making waves as the amazon top sellers! (click on link below book to buy from amazon) The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller and Humour Book of the Year Winner of the Books Are My Bag Book ofContinue reading “What are the Amazon top selling books?…”

Looking For A New Book To Read?…

Need a new book to read? Looking for a funny novel? We interview Bookouture author Emma Robinson, author of ‘The Undercover Mother’ and ‘Happily Never After’. Look no further than these light hearted reads. Below, Emma tells us all about them…   Claire: Fantastic, okay so Undercover is out now, and also, we have theContinue reading “Looking For A New Book To Read?…”

How To Get Your Book Published…

Have you written a book? Are you half-way through writing a potential bestselling masterpiece? Have you been wondering how to find a book publisher? Well… Claire Hackney and myself sat down with Bookouture author Emma Robinson, author of ‘The Undercover Mother’ and ‘Happily Never After’ to find out what its like to be published withContinue reading “How To Get Your Book Published…”