About Me…

Hi, thank you for visiting my page/Blog.

I was a bit ‘late to the party’ when it came to blogging, but now I love it.

I used to be in the Royal Navy from age 20-24, and had fun travelling the world with the most fantastic bunch of people. I still keep in touch with some of them. Before that, I was at college doing my A Levels, loved being at school as I discovered Songwriting. I never really fitted in and wrote songs about it. I used to be in the girls football team and get bullied for doing so, now I think it’s fantastic that so many girls play!! These trying times would help for the challenges later in my life.

I worked at the Probation Service, now work in a school and studying for a degree with the Open University. Working round young people gives me the energy and inspiration to live the busy life I do.

When I was 30 (I’m 34 now) I was going through a rough patch, and so decided to write a list of things that would get me out of it. The Bucket List was born.

There are now 300 challenges/tasks on the Bucket List. To date, I’ve completed over 170 of them. I want to complete as many as I can by the age of 40.

I’ve faced my fears such as holding a tarantula, giving blood, donated to charities,  studying for a degree in a subject I’m passionate about -Psychology- travelled the world (on a shoestring) such as Hawaii, LA, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Morroco, Alaska to name but a few. The stories that have happened along the way already would make an interesting read so my friends tell me!

I’ve been keeping a diary along the way, taking pictures so when I’m finished I’d love the world to see what can be accomplished when you change your mindset. The people you can meet, the good that you can do and how you can affect others by thinking differently and challenging yourself.

My reason for blogging is fairly simple. I have a few dreams that hopefully I will achieve.  I’m working on publishing novels, getting publishing deals for my songs and inspiring others to live a more fulfilled, creative and exciting life.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading my posts…. And maybe create your own unique Bucket List.

Trust me, you won’t be sorry… In fact, you will Thank me!!

Take care, happy adventures!
Vicky x

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