5 Tips to help you AFTER you have written your book.

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So you’ve written a book?

That’s awesome! Genuinely well done, that’s no easy feat!

Here are 5 tips (that we use) to help you.

  1. How to make your Book Description stand out on Amazon.
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You can see that it’s easy to read, some words are in BOLD and some are a different font size etc. But it took us way longer than it should, to realise how to do it. You will know that when you’re in the KDP bookshelf page and you want to edit any part of your book, there is a section for your book description. If you simply copy and paste a book description, it will all come out the same, but….. if you use the FREE Book Description Generator, it is SO EASY to get your book description looking like the one above.

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Then watch the video below to see how it’s done.

2. How to choose the BEST Amazon categories for your book.

When you have to pick your initial 3 categories for where you want your book to appear, it can seem daunting. Now, when you use this method, there is NO GUESSWORK!

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You will see categories that you did’t know existed and it will give you more of a chance to hit bestseller and for a bonus point, watch the video below to show how you can rank for up to 10 categories!

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Being completely honest for a minute. When we wrote and released our first book ‘Meet Me At 10’ I didn’t have a clue about the 7 keywords you choose in order for Amazon for help ‘find you’ from all of the searches people type in. It was only through writing groups such as the SPF (Self Publishing Formula) group which is run by the amazing marketing guru and thriller writer Mark Dawson and 20BooksTo50k which is run by Craig Martelle (Sci Fi writer) that we knew about the importance of picking the right keywords. Before, honestly for Meet Me At 10, I was putting ‘Book, 1950s, Deep South, Kindle Book’ and can’t remember the rest. In all the thousands of searches like ‘Book’ how on earth did I expect people to land on ‘Meet Me At 10’?

But, if you click here, you will see again, how you won’t need to guess!

4. How to learn how to advertise using Amazon ads (this is FREE too!)

So you’ve written your book, done your book description, entered your book into the categories to give it the best chance of getting visibility right?.

Now you need to supercharge that visibility and get it in front of buyers – Amazon buyers who are already on the site ready to purchase.

Click here to check out this FREE Amazon ads course to help you achieve more sales.

5. See what your competition do… and do it better!

Ok, this software isn’t free, but I guarantee, you’ll always use for every single book you write! I love it! Whether it’s seeing which categories they use, how much they earn, where they are ranking etc. You NEED this software.

Watch the video first and then check it out:

Get KDP Rocket

In Summary

  1. Check out the Book Description Generator
  2. Check out how to choose the best Amazon categories for your book – Click here
  3. How to pick the Best Keywords for your book – Click here
  4. FREE Amazon ads course – Click here
  5. Get Publisher Rocket Software – You NEED this!

If you put all these together (obviously along with the basics, good editing, good front covers etc.) you will be well on your way to increased book selling success! Good luck and let me know how you get on!

Take care,

Vicky x

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5 Tips to help you after you have written your book!

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