Top 5 books I recommend…

You’ll notice that they’re all nonfiction. I do actually prefer to read nonfiction. I like to learn about different people’s lives and experiences.

In no particular order. The first one I want to talk about is:

 Ben Fogle called Up: My Life’s Journey to the Top of Everest.

Really, really enjoyed this one. I don’t know much about Ben Fogle other than he’s a bit of an adventurer to say the least, and this was really easy to read.

So if you’re looking for an easy read where you haven’t got to think too much, I’d really recommend this one. There’s some sad parts in it due to him having a tragedy, but the way that he talks about the mental battle to get to the top of Everest is well worth reading. So definitely recommend that one.

Number two. Where would we be without Crushing It from Gary Vaynerchuk? Absolutely loved this book. In fact, I love all of his books. You should check him out on YouTube. If you’re running your own business or doing a start up, you need to be listening to this guy. He’s absolutely amazing. And what I like about Crushing It is, it’s divided into really easy to read sections. There’s some take-home tips that you can get started with straight away. You can see obviously with the reviews that he’s absolutely smashing it, and he’s got about two or three other books that I’ve read and one of those I’ll be mentioning in a little bit, but Crushing It is absolutely amazing. Well worth it. It’s sort of that book that you can dip in and out for different sections. If you’re doing YouTube, Twitter or Instagram etc, he teaches you how to DM people to get more business, so really, really recommend that.

Book number three, really enjoyed Generating Story Ideas, Tips and Techniques to Hatch Book Ideas from Scratch. If you are an author or creative writer in any way, shape, or form, I really do recommend this one. Again, you can probably tell by the pattern of books that I read is very easy to read. It’s divided into sections where you can pick up and ideas. You can learn how to create a twist on a story that’s already been done, but it’s how you can add your spin to it.

Without doubt, if you were to read this book, you will come up with lots and lots of different ideas to the point where the amazing problem will be is that you’ve got too many! And then if you watch our YouTube videos, we’ll show you how to turn that book idea into a fully blown novel.

Some of you may know that I used to be in the Royal Navy and so I’m very into military or people that have served and their different experiences. And I’m a big fan of SAS: Who Dares Wins, and one of the stars of the show is Mark Billingham, also known as Billy. He’s really inspirational. He was in the SAS and he talks about his journey of how he got into the SAS, what his upbringing was like, the problems that he faced, where he lived, and actually the selection process of getting into the SAS, which is just an absolute beast, and then how he got into the show- SAS: Who Dares Wins.

So it’s very much, again about the mental battle and I’m very into that. I like learning from inspirational people. So if you have got any books that you recommend to me from people that are really inspirational, then please comment down below.

#AskGaryVee from Gary Vaynerchuk. Again he makes an appearance. I just really love this guy. He’s just so straight to the point and there are questions that people have put to him where he answers them in very straightforward format and there’s no messing. If you watch his YouTube videos, beware, he does tend to like swearing, but it’s just his straight to the point nature. He shares his frustrations of what not to do to be starting up a business, and how to get more followers on social media for your business.

Let me know your top five books that you’ve read recently.

Would OUR books make your TOP 5?

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Happy reading!

Vicky x

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