Are you an indie author?

So you’ve written a book or three? How’s the sales?

I really struggled to get any momentum and didn’t have a clue about advertising at first.

I belong to 2 writing groups and in each group I heard about this ‘Publisher Rocket’ thing. When you hear the same thing come up again and again, you start to thing ‘Hmmmm…. maybe this is really a good thing”

It is.

I’m one of those people who genuinely will only recommend something that I have used and IS useful. I stand by this and if it helps just 1 author stand above the crowd, then thats a good thing, right?

I had used facebook ads and got the hang of that pretty quick but Amazon ads, well, that felt like a completely new challenge.

How do you find them?

The main thing for me was coming up with 1000 keyword ideas per campaign. Brain ache or what!

I mean, you can do it, and I did it manually but it took an AGE!!! Time I wont get back.

That’s when I thought, sod it, what’ this publisher rocket all about..?

If I can sum it up in a few words it is that it saves you a sh*t load of time!! And I was saying to somebody recently, I can’t believe how cheap it is! I reckon they will hike the price as I don’t think they realise how much they could charge and get away with. I got in there before they make it a monthly subscription.

So, enough talking, what does it actually do?

Find Keywords that Readers Actually Type Into Amazon

Unlike any other software, Rocket gives you real data that shows you exactly what Amazon book buyers type into Amazon, as well as how many people search for these things every month. Using Rocket’s Keywords Feature, you will learn:

  • What keywords shoppers type into Amazon
  • Estimated number of times someone types that keyword into Amazon
  • How much money other books are making that rank for that keyword
  • How many books are competing for that keyword
Get Publisher Rocket

Discover Bestselling Book Categories in Seconds

With their Category Feature, you can quickly find pertinent and niche categories for your books, as well as find out how many books you’d need to sell that day in order to be the new #1 bestseller. With this feature you’ll discover:

  • Niche categories to choose from
  • Which categories will help you sell more books
  • How many sales that day you’d need to make in order to be the new #1 bestseller
  • How many sales you’d need to make in order to be the listed in the top 20
Get Publisher Rocket

Learn About Other Authors & Their Sales

With a click of a button, you can see your potential competitors, their information, reviews, book cover, and even their daily and monthly earnings. By understanding what works for your competitors, you can create book titles, subtitles, and descriptions that convert better, increase your Kindle rankings, and sell more books.

I call this bit the nosey bit! You can basically spy on what other authors are earning!

Get Publisher Rocket

Find Profitable AMS Keywords Fast

Rocket will help find you over 150 profitable keywords for your AMS book advertising campaign in under 10 seconds. Then, once you have your list of keywords, click export and upload it to AMS – and you’re done! Rocket collects: List of all Amazon suggested keywords, and the titles and author names for all books that show up in the search results, relevant categories and their respective Hot & New books of those categories

Also, the guy who runs it (called Dave) is lovely. I’ve emailed him to ask him questions before I bought it and he was so helpful. On the writing group, he is famous for his customer service.

So, if you’re serious about your business and let’s be honest, writing books aint easy! Then you need to invest in yourself and your business. You need to spend more time writing and this bit of software helps you to keep doing that.

Happy writing and now….HAPPY SELLING!!!

Vicky x

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