Pre-order time tomorrow! Eeeeeek!!! 😳


Hope you’re well..?

Hope you’re having a nice weekend so far, what are you up to?

There’s loads going on behind the scenes this end where Claire Hackney (my co-author and I) are getting ‘Shona’ ready for pre-order on amazon.

This has been a very long journey of ups and downs, self doubts etc. But that’s all part of it. The positive is that the trilogy is complete.

Book 1 – SHONA
Book 2- MEET ME AT 10

All will be ready to pre-order from tomorrow!

Here’s a sneak peek of ‘Shona’


Everyone has a secret. Hers could get her killed…

Mississippi, 1956. Shona Jackson knows two things—how to repair car engines and that her dark childhood secret must stay buried. On the run from Louisiana, she finds shelter in the home of a kindly old lady and a job as a mechanic. But a woman working a man’s job can’t avoid notice in a small town. And attention is dangerous, especially when it comes from one woman in particular…

Free-spirited Lucy is new in town too. At twenty-one years old she is only now starting college. But her heart is just not in it, and when she meets Shona,something inside her begins to awaken. The only thing standing in her way is Frank.

Frank’s life is a mess. Three years after the Korean War, his father still writes but hasn’t come home. His bar business is in danger, and he’s desperate for cash. And everyone he knows is stockpiling the sins of his past against him.

When Frank brings a raucous fair to town to stay afloat, Shona fears the added attention could shine a light on her past. If the truth comes out about her, she’ll lose everything—maybe even her life.

Can Shona outrun the perils that threaten her, and finally settle down? 

Or will her new friendship with Lucy attract a different kind of danger?

Shona is the first novel in a heart-wrenching historical fiction trilogy. If you like small-town secrets, heroines with turbulent pasts, andovercoming impossible odds, then you’ll love Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney’s tear-jerking tale of desperate lives.

Hope to have you onboard, these books will definitely take you on a ride!

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Take care,

Vicky xx

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