How To Get Your Book Published…

Have you written a book?

Are you half-way through writing a potential bestselling masterpiece?

Have you been wondering how to find a book publisher?


Claire Hackney and myself sat down with Bookouture author Emma Robinson, author of ‘The Undercover Mother’ and ‘Happily Never After’ to find out what its like to be published with them.


Claire: So how’s it been working with Bookouture then?

Emma: It’s been fantastic actually, because obviously they’re my first publisher, my first experience, but I’ve since joined quite a lot of Facebook groups and forums with other traditionally published authors, and heard some horror stories about the way some people have been treated, so I feel very, very fortunate. Everybody who works for this company, literally the lady who does the contracts, the Publishing Assistants, my Publisher, the PR Manager who has become a personal friend really, and all the other authors as well, incredibly supportive. We have a Facebook group just for us, the authors and the two PR managers, and it’s such… it’s a lot of fun, it’s a real lot of fun. Because we share tips, we commiserate if we’ve had a bad review, we celebrate, we retweet each other’s stuff, it’s a really lovely community. And I have learned so much from being with them, from the experience. My Publisher is incredible, she finds things, and she drills down to a level of detail that I’m a little bit lazy with. So I don’t really pay much attention to… I’ll give a character a name and a job and a bit of a back story, but I’m a little bit lazy with that.

Claire: Thats good…

Emma: Yeah, or she’ll say to me, “They couldn’t possibly have this job because they’re doing this at Chapter Eight, and they wouldn’t do that if they have that job, and I kind of feel a bit… oh, well I’ve gotta do more work, but it makes it a much better book, so you know, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. It’s a very democratic publisher, so everyone gets the same deal. They’ve got some really successful authors. Angela Marsons, who does the Kim Stone series, has just gone through the barrier of selling two and a half million books, which is incredible, Louise Jensen who again, has just sold… gone through the million seller barrier for one of her books. You know, there are some really successful writers on board, and yet we are all treated equally, so in terms of marketing budget, in terms of contract, we all get the same deal. Which is incredible, because what I’ve heard with other publishers, if they’ve got a big name, particularly if it’s a celebrity name, all the (marketing) bucks goes there, and the other authors are left with very little, you know, focus. So I do, I feel incredibly, incredibly lucky, and I’m really… I mean, this was a three book deal, I really am hoping to stay with them if it works out, because you know. It’s fast, they do two… it’s a book every six months, which is intense.

Claire: Wow, yeah.

Emma: Especially because I have a part time job and young children… a husband and a puppy now as well, so it’s intense, but the support is there. And you know, if you’re struggling, if it’s hard to meet a deadline, they’re really kind and supportive, so yeah, it’s been great, absolutely great.

Whats great about Bookouture is that they accept unsolicited manuscripts, so feel free to contact them here:

Thank you for reading, please share with anybody you know who is writing a book to help them out!

Check out the video of the interview here:

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