Audiobook, New front cover, writing tips from bestselling authors.. new business idea and what I’m reading…..

Hi ya..

Hope you’re well..? What have you been up to?

It’s been busy this end, but all good. I’ve been liaising with a narrator using ACX (amazon audiobook company).

This is their website for all the authors out there:

We have gone for a female who has a southern American accent as that’s where Meet Me At 10 is based.

Thank you to everybody who has been reviewing Meet Me At 10 on Amazon. Click here to see the reviews if you were thinking of buying it:

I’m also really excited to be getting the brand new from cover done for ‘Shona’ . I’m using the same who did our cover for ‘Meet Me At 10’. We use a company called 99 designs and I can’t recommend it enough. You only pay when you are 100% satisfied. All it takes is for you to register for free, pick your budget, put out a description of what you would like with some examples and different designers ‘bid’ for your work. You narrow them down until you get to the one you want and ask them to tweak if and where needed. Their website is here: https:

When the front cover for ‘Shona’ is finished I’ll share it! Can’t wait.

We have been getting into vlogging recently and have a YouTube channel of us learning as we go, giving tips on bucket list places to go, writing tips and generally life stuff.

Watch our latest Vlog here: and we would love it if you clicked ‘SUBSCRIBE’ too.

I got a new business idea after reading Gary Vaynerchuks latest book ‘Crushing It’ and will develop it as the weeks go on but I genuinely recommend this book to anybody who has a business or starting one up. Link to the book is here:

Lately we have been out to a few National Trust sites. It’s on my Bucket List to visit 30 different sites and get stamps from each place for my National Trust passport. I have around 19 stamps so not many to go.

Definitely recommend becoming a member as it’s so much cheaper. We pay about £9 a month. It’s great for families, walkers, people with dogs etc.

Their website:

After walking in my Adidas boost trainers, I decided to invest in proper walking boots and can’t wait to try them out.

I got them off amazon here:

Writing is going well for ‘Shona’ and for ‘Bucket List book 1: Project Me, Project You’. The plan is to get the audiobook of Meet Me At 10 our in May/June, and the two books we are working on out by around November/December time along with the screenplay for Meet Me At 10. Also, this business idea should be up and running towards the summer or end of the year also. So it’s pretty full on, but I’m loving it!

Just to end with some tips from the greats, click here to read tips from Peter James, Angela Marsons, Gillian McAllister and Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black:

Peter James:

Angela Marsons:

Gillian McAllister/Dustin Lance Black:

Thank you for reading, hope the tips help, take care,

Vicky x

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