Lovely weekend of starting our writing projects and a bucket list day out.. and our first proper vlog! πŸ˜ƒ

Hope you’re well..?

What have you been up to over the last few day?

I’ve really sensed being busy, it’s been ramping up since Claire and I started our writing projects. I’m writing ‘Bucket List 1- Project Me, Project You’ which tells the story of why I started my Bucket List and how it’s helped me get over depression.. and then it changed my life completely!

Claire is writing the prequel to Meet Me At 10 titled ‘Shona’ as she is one of the main characters and has an interesting back story.

If you still haven’t read ‘Meet Me At 10’ it’s on offer for only 99p (download) here:

Click here to order!

We are so chuffed that we have had 90 reviews already on!

We start our projects first with discussion and rough ideas, then we write down research points, character traits and people we can imagine playing that person. (Which means we go through a lot of index cards! I got this idea from watching the Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black here: Stop Writers Block!

The film above is what it looks like after.. still rough but getting there.

Anyway, we took a break from writing by doing a Treasure Trail (this was something on my bucket list initially) but we enjoy them that much we do them to get out and about. This is their website: Treasure Trails !

This particular treasure trail ‘Lymm Ducks’ in Cheshire was up there with my favourite one. It’s quite steep in places but believe me, if I can do it, you can too! It’s around 1 and half to 2 miles, but we walked round the lake etc and so we did 3 miles but the lake is beautiful!

Later we did another ‘National Trust’ site. (Their website: National Trust)

It was on my Bucket List to complete 30 national trust sites. (You get a stamp in the shop at each one). I’ve loved doing this as you get exercise, fresh air, learn quite a lot and it’s cheap! We are now members for around Β£9 a month I think but the value is brilliant especially as it won’t be long and it will be spring time! 😎

Our visit (and the rest of our adventures this week) can be found in our Vlog here:

Our Vlog !

Today is quite an admin day, book marketing, writing (oh and some housework πŸ˜•)

But we are planning for some more adventures on the weekend! It would be awesome if you subscribed to our YouTube channel!


Meet Me 10 on amazon: Buy here!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Watch our first Vlog!

National Trust: National Trust website

Treasure Trails: Click here to go on adventures!

Thank you!

Vicky x

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