Meet Me At 10 – Reviews so far (ARC copies)….


As you know… the day is getting nearer for the release of long-awaited book ‘Meet Me At 10’.

We are chomping at the bit to get it out into the world, we honestly can’t wait! We have read the story over and over and over and each time, we fall in love with it again. It’s such a special story for us- gritty, but it’s needed.

We have sent some (ARC) copies out for early reader reviews and here’s what they have said:


5 stars   Unputdownable

ByDiana Goodwinon 6 October 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

This book was difficult to put down, although prejudice of any kind is a hard subject to write about. On occasions this book was heart stopping, breath holding was frequent. I took it everywhere just in case there was an opportunity to read. I thoroughly recommend this book, it may open some eyes and hearts to the problems involved with prejudice

5 stars       Prejudice, fear, love and betrayal. Which will stand the course?

ByNykion 26 September 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

It is hard to believe this a debut novel. Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney have managed to blend the right amount of romance, intrigue and page turning suspense in this story of love, loss, betrayal and hopes of starting over afresh.

The characters are strong and each brings their own element to the story. There are a number of twists that will have you questioning the truth and who to believe.

A brilliant page turner, that will have you swinging from love to hate as the focus shifts between characters.

Friendships and romance develop in the most unlikely of places, but are they strong enough to survive in a town full of prejudice, fear and deceptions.

I can’t recommend this book enough, i only hope this debut isn’t a one off. A fantastic first release

5 stars    Fantastic read – really enjoyable

ByAmazon Customeron 1 October 2017

Format: Paperback|      Verified Purchase

Started reading this slowly about 10 days ago and, right from the start, really enjoyed the intrigue. Kept thinking how the title would work, which characters would it apply to?

This is a real page turner and it’s hard to believe it is a debut novel from Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney – what a great job. They have produced a book that makes you angry and sad but there is also a romance too. Towards the end it was really hard to put down, so much so that I was up until 1.00 am this morning with my Kindle!

Hope these ladies will collaborate again and produce more great novels. If this book were made into a film, I for one would spend a lot of the time with a box of tissues!

5 stars  Extremely good first novel.

ByIsabellaon 2 October 2017

Format: Paperback

Meet me at 10 is an extremely good first novel by Vicky Jones. It took me a few pages to get into the story and characters and where they fit in but soon I was engrossed in the novel. It is a story of struggle and willpower. The main character, Shona had a very traumatic childhood in the Deep South and decided to runaway by hitchhiking to Alabama. There, she meets Cuban and sees him being racially abused and facing discrimination in an era where it was acceptable. Shona finally appears to be settling into to her new job, but secrets start to be revealed and her world is turned upside down again. There are lots of twists and turns in the plot, some sad and brutal, sexual intolerance, but also love and romance. Very thought provoking novel and well worth a read

5 stars     Exceptional debut novel

ByErin H Dunedinon 26 September 2017

Format: Paperback

This debut novel from Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney is absolutely a must read. You will hurt for characters you will grow to love, and you will detest the antagonists in ways you can’t even imagine. This story is made all the more haunting because it is so well researched and written, evoking a time in history where love was a dangerous entity, and hatred was more powerful and visible than it should ever be. One of the best books I have read this year… I hope to see more collaboration from these two in the future.

5 stars Loved this book

ByAndreaon 25 September 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Loved this book.

Shona Jackson is a woman escaping her past and trying to start a new life in South America.

This book is a real page turner and in places it’s hard to read about how different and hard life was for some people a few decades ago.

Ultimately it is a love story with lots of twists along the way. The characters are all very strong and you find yourself rooting for some of them and disliking many others!

For a first novel it is a very impressive debut and I look forward to seeing what Vicky Jones will come up with next. Keep us updated Vicky!

5 stars Great read well worth it

BySUEon 26 September 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Could not put this book down , wanted to know what was going to happen next , great read

If you want to pre-order before it goes up in price, click here:

Meet Me At 10


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