Dear Bosses…

I’ve just got back from an epic trip on the Trans Siberian Railway taking me from Russia to Mongolia and finishing up in China.

I was thinking…

I’ve always loved travelling, and I seem to gravitate to the more unusual places in the world.

I feel, and it’s just my opinion that when you say you love travel, it seems to have the connotation that you are a ‘bum’ who lacks responsibility who wants to escape real life. (Yes I probably do)


What I also thought when I was away, were the amount of skills I used in order to keep us safe and to navigate our way round and to make the trip as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Therefore… Bosses, if you see that somebody has ‘loves travel’ on their CV and you are about to interview, I can almost guarantee they will have the following skills:

BE ABLE TO ADAPT: you have to be able to adapt to your surroundings to blend in, and respect the culture of where you are I.e are you in a country that doesn’t drink for example?

BE ABLE TO BUDGET: good travellers know what they can skimp on and what they won’t go without. They don’t always need the BEST of everything and will look around for the best deal with what they have so if you have them working for you, they are able to do this for your company too.

THINK ON THEIR FEET: and to think positively if and when things go wrong especially in non-English speaking countries. I’ve had many things not go to plan but there is no point in panicking, you simply just deal with what you DO have and most travellers are the same therefore they will likely to have the most (creative) ideas to help your company if you suffer a set back.

MEET/WORK WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL BACKROUNDS: travellers meet other travellers but also meet many locals and if their trip is to be successful they will blend in and be respectful of cultures so if you have somebody who loves travel working for you, they will be able to work with many of your customers.

TIMEKEEPING: most travellers don’t like to be hit in the pocket by missing planes, trains and taxis.. so they will ensure they will be ready, and early as they are a long way from home and this will be ingrained in them which takes me to the next point.

THEY ARE ORGANISED: travellers need to be. Especially if they need to make sure heir passport will be in date for all their trips or they need visas and all the necessary paperwork etc. Also, they are likely to have a good routine with packing and unpacking their backpack so they are ready to go at a moments notice.

So, please consider this. That Traveller will have a million stories of when things went wrong and right and how they thought on their feet to get out of situations and how they have learned their lessons and will have grown so much as people throughout their trips that they will only be an asset to your company.

From Me

(A Proud Traveller)

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