Edinburgh break: Bucket List trip 

Hi All,

Well… On the second attempt, I finally visited Edinburgh and it’s castle for my Bucket List and it was well worth the wait.

The first time was because we were coming down from Loch Ness and we though we would ‘pop in’ to the castle only to find the Edinburgh Fringe festival was on and we couldn’t get anywhere near!

We stayed at the Jury’s Inn pretty much opposite Edinburgh Waverley train station and everything was so easy to get to.

I recommend going on a hopper tour (hop-on-hop-off-bus) as you really get to see the beautiful city this way. This is what I do on most trips.

I finally tried Haggis which was on my list – yuk!

And I’m glad that I visited the cafe that JK Rowling started writing Harty Potter.

I’m hoping her good luck and fortune rubs off on me and my book ‘Meet Me At 10’

 I made a little video of the city, click on link:


On the last day, after Storm Doris had battered everywhere, we finally visited the castle and it’s my favourite castle I think. You get so much value for money. It’s the sort of place that when you think you’ve seen it all, another museum is lurking behind a door or there’s another room!

I made a vid of that too!

Edinburgh castle video:


All in all, I fully recommend Edinburgh as a nice break, everybody was friendly and not in too much of a rush. Everybody wanted to help you. Lovely place!

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Thanks a lot for reading,

Take care,

Vicky X 

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