National Trust: Chedworth Roman Villa

Hi peeps…

Despite the rain (see first pic) we visited Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestshire, one of the largest Roman Villas in Britain.

Since I was 30 (I’m 36 now) I’ve written a bucket list of around 300 things on it and I’ve completed over 185 things so far. They vary form travel to facing fears to reading a different newspaper that I would normally read.


One of the many things was for me to visit ’30 National Trust sites’ . They actually sell Passport type books you can collect stamps in in their shops (where I got the idea from) and I’ve done 15 already.

We became members and I can hand on heart say that it is worth every penny, really good value for money.

Not only are we learning, we get fresh air and exercise.

So, last week we visited Chedworth Roman Villa.

Seems like it’s great for dog-walkers (we don’t have one) but there’s fields nearby. It’s great for kids as there lots to look at.

Don’t forget to look down at your feet too! You will see ruins there..

I found the visit fun and informative!

I’m looking forward to finding my next National trust visit to make it 16 out of 30 (I think) 

If you want to know more about my Bucket List adventures (including the awesome trips I’ve got book this year and next) let me know if you’d like my newsletter as I reveal loads more in that.

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Enjoy your visit!



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