Book cover for ‘Meet Me At 10’ is done!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! 
As a true creative, my little brain was buzzing with ideas as always. I knew I needed to get my book cover re-designed.

I used a company called 99 designs whereby you only pay when you’re happy with it and you select your budget.

You give them a brief and then say what you would like tweaking. I was nervous to finally click ‘award winner’ as your mind goes crazy with ‘have I done the right thing etc’ but this scene is a scene from the book where two characters finally meet. I’m editing the book as we speak and can’t wait to send it to beta readers to get their feedback then onto the editor and proofreaders. Lots to do still, but I genuinely LOVE this story, it has everything in it. Let me know if it’s something you would be interested in reading when it’s ready 

Vicky xx

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6 thoughts on “Book cover for ‘Meet Me At 10’ is done!

  1. Vicky Goodluck xxx

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  2. I’ve read up to chapter 25, & would love to read the rest! It’s a great story, a topic we’ve heard before but a with a different take. Well written.

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    1. Thank you so much! And that’s the unedited version! You wait, it’s jam packed!!! X


  3. I am just starting to build my platform & I get further behind every day. I’m not sure how I can put in the effort for 12 hrs a day and get further behind.

    You have done a professional looking job, did you hire outside help? Or did you do it with WordPress help? I could use some help.

    My email is

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    1. Hi.. What are you building a platform for..? Vicky


      1. Building a PLATFORM for my eBook that saves American Democracy.

        I think you would enjoy my story FIRST AMERICAN INTERNET REVOLUTION.

        Splurge for the $0.99 (priced so that every 99%er can afford to read it) & let me know what you think.

        I am determined to save American Democracy. Want to help?

        Contact me at email:

        Thanks for the interest.


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