You can’t do everything… All of the time

It’s that time of the year when I have to start putting creative stuff to one side whilst i focus on the end of module assignments and exam.

As part of my crazy bucket list, I had ‘do a degree’

So I am..

This time next year I will have completed it!

I’m doing a degree in criminology and psychology with the Open University.

Once it gets to June 1st, I will have a 4 month break which I will completely immerse myself in my creative projects and bucket listing..

Until then..

I’ll be slowly disappearing into textbooks… 😏

Vicky X 

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1 thought on “You can’t do everything… All of the time

  1. Doing a course in criminology sounds really interesting to have the practice of doing. I found that the subject of this post examined some things that people could be surprised at what they were in a good chance of making a mark with something. To have a certain goal that you set yourself when that goal is eventually realised and there is a clear plan organised it will become rewarding to have done something that you have been planning but not quite reached the point of putting it together. I take considerations in terms of projects I am thinking of working on in this way. By doing this it gives me an idea about what it is that I am actually wanting to channel my thoughts through and demonstrate as much creativity and knowledge that I exhibit so there is something personable to work towards that will give me the confidence properly to express my ideas.


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