Cuts to Mental Health…..

There is no particular reason why I chose today to rant about the cuts to mental health. Its just because I’ve had enough about hearing about the cuts to it.

I’m not a politician or anybody important, I just have half a brain cell and I have struggled with depression so feel I have some kind of right to put a case across.

I’m trying not to write with anger as I feel that if you have to use aggression to ‘push’ your case, your case isn’t strong enough in the first place.

I’ve never, ever, ever understood why politicians are actually allowed to cut front line services (Police, hospitals, armed forces etc) and also mental health services. Its not a privilege that can handed and then taken away, its a lifeline.

When we hear about terrorism, we panic and call it extremism etc. which yeah, it is. Of course it is. But, these ‘groups’ are made up of individuals and then take on a group mentality which seem impossible to break down. So don’t break them down when they are a group, work with the individuals (Everybody) BEFORE they FEEL THE NEED TO BELONG IN A GROUP in order to feel good, feel worthy. You could say we are already doing it with anti-radicalisation. Yeah, but I’m saying get to people even before that…even before they are tempted to seek their identity elsewhere. Lets build people up into positive role models from babies, help the parents, educate NOT when things are going wrong. Its too late then!

I’m not saying be all pink and fluffy with the people who cause atrocities. They deserve punishment for their crimes. End of. I’m talking about people BEFORE they reach the point where they feel the only way get an identity and feel some kind of good about themselves is join something that welcomes their messed up minds. Because messed up/lost minds can be brainwashed- BINGO!

These people WILL show signs that they are not fitting in, can you blame them for taking the route when there is no other help out there? I’m not saying have sympathy for killers etc. I’m saying invest/help people whilst they are still good, law abiding citizens. Otherwise, they ‘can’ be drawn to the welcoming bright lights of the wrong path.

Its the same with gangs, they take on a pack mentality, but they are individuals looking for escape or an identity, they were lost, something was missing. Their needs were not being met (read up on Maslow) Whether is be housing, self-esteem, jobs etc.


Rather than them having safe places to go or having services that would help them BEFORE they committed crimes and caused trouble, we then HAVE to deal with them after the event i.e. the Police, but then we talk about cutting the police force! We really are after causing a perfect storm of tragedies for ourselves!

This is why we need more clubs, more counselling, services that other people can refer somebody if they feel that person (young or adult)is going astray at the EARLIEST of stages. Trust me, by helping to meet that persons needs at the earliest stage, crimes will eventually reduce AS A RESULT. You can’t just CUT CRIME by a miracle (what does that look like? More police? Of course then we talk about cutting them- bonkers right!?) to win, you have to help people to not choose crime in the first place.

I’m hearing about gun crime in America. I’ve got my own views but…In the Navy, I had a weapon every single day and you know what? I didn’t shoot anybody. A gun doesn’t pull its own trigger. I was quite happy and content in the Navy. Killing somebody out of anger never crossed my mind, because all my needs were being met.

If somebody feels that either ending their own life with a gun or feeling compelled that they HAVE to cause somebody else so much pain that it somehow helps them with THEIR pain (which is of course absolutely tragic and selfish), it ISN’T the gun that is the problem. That is the end result, the MIND is the problem.

I believe that babies, toddlers, teens, adults, elderly should ALL have BRILLIANT and first class access to mental health authorities whereby it is treated with the same respect as an emergency service. The stigma crap has to go. We have to invest, invest, invest. Forget the deficit bollocks. You will be forced to spend more on police when you neglect peoples needs with cutting back pensions, benefits etc. people will struggles, they may become depressed and make choices that they wouldn’t normally and there begins your problem that you brought on yourself. Invest in people….Invest in people and they will thrive, when people are thriving, they are less likely to wander that dangerous road. Its not hard.

If you solve the mental health issue, you wont HAVE to deal with the fall out from what mental health issues can produce – Suicide, terrorism, self-harm, depression, health related issues etc.

It really isn’t difficult. When you understand from both sides of the fence how vital dealing with mental health in the FIRST instance is, you will understand why it is outrageous to take these services away.

What’s the danger of all this investment? You will have more people thriving, go-getting, giving back, being positive people in the world….No brainer.

Rant over,


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