Bucket List, music, Writing…

Hi peeps…

So over the last 2 weeks, I’ve ticked off some things off my Bucket List.

I watched 2 of the 10 ‘Best Films’ at the Oscars over the last decade. They were The Departed, and Million Dollar Baby. I recommend both… (Tissues at the ready with Million Dollar Baby 😥) 
I also ticked off my ‘Get on a bus, get off at a stop never been and explore’. This is a cheaper one, but really enjoyable! I found a nice little walk, after having a delicious hot chocolate!

If you want to get updates via email re: my bucket list, check out my website here  

I’ve also discovered Google+ at long last! I quite like it! You?

I’ve been doing some more songwriting, really wished I could get into the studio!


Published by vickyjones1980

Ex-Royal Navy, writer, Songwriter and Bucket Lister. Can't wait for 2016, lots of creative projects! Leave your email address on my website for my newsletters and tips etc. http://vickyjones.uk

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