Why was I so nervous doing this?…


After what felt a hundred years of not bucket listing, I wanted to get straight back into ticking off big and little challenges.

As it’s winter, I try to do the easier ones, the ones not relavent to weather etc.

This month I picked:

Visit my childhood home

Watch the first of 10 years of Best Films at the Oscars (2005 was Million Dollar Baby)

Go on a Bus ride, get off a stop that I’ve never been to and spend some time exploring.


I love the library (a place I get inspired by looking at all the finished books!) so I rented Million Dollar Baby. I watched it last night. I knew that I’d already seen it, but couldn’t remember it all. I cried. But what a great film!

For some reason earlier, I was genuinely soooo nervous at walking up to the door of my childhood home. Is lived there from birth to around 7 years old. But I had many fond memories playing outside, being a tomboy, making camps.. I’d already sent a letter to the owners so that I wouldn’t turn up unannounced. I was scared of rejection basically. I didn’t want it where they thought I was somebody I’m not (somebody sneaky, dangerous casing their place out) so I wanted them to feel comfortable. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A woman answers and as soon as I said my name she said she got the letter, has kept it in the side. I could see they were decorating which the lady confirmed, she also said her husband was out taking more stuff to the dump. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with a stranger (me) going round her house. So it was me who said ‘shall I come back at a better time?’ She said yes, that in around 2 weeks she would call.

I felt a sigh of relief. See, it wasn’t that bad and even if I did get told to bugger off, I would have coped! I’ve coped with a lot more than that!

The bus ride is getting done on Saturday, who knows where I’ll end up!

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