Productive week!!!


Been really lucky this week, feel REALLY supported from quite a few people, and I want to give them a mention…

Firstly, we went to Brighton on Thursday where I was a guest on Kathy Caton Radio show for Radio Reverb (her twitter is @KathyCaton- give her a follow)

Kathy is absolutely lovely, so friendly and welcoming and I loved my time in Brighton. I made a quick 1 minute video of my time down there (click on video at the end. The music that is playing is my Brand NEW track called Not Listening, you can listen in full and download the track here:

Kathy played 3 of my tracks on air including my charity track: Save You which you can download here:

Let me know any thoughts of the tracks!

Also, I did an interview with Vibe Youth Radio who were awesome and played my new track also, great fun though that interview! Please check them out.

Also, an online show called The Girls Hour in New York have just emailed me to say they have played my new track in their show and that they would like to chat with me soon which I will really look forward to!!

On top of this, I have been asked to run a creative writing workshop for a Writers festival in October as the person running it kept seeing my tweets about writing for my book! See, you never know who is watching!

Sooooo…. Progress had been slow this week on the book just because I have been so busy with marketing etc. but I’m always writing new scenes etc and I literally CANT WAIT for you to read this book and fall in love with the characters like I have. I took a pic of what the table looked like today when I was working…

Don’t forget, if you want to keep in contact via twitter, I’m on @VickyJones7 and if you want to be kept updated with weekly emails and updates about my music, bucket list and book progress, just email me at

Anyway.. Check out the pic and video and I’ll be back soon!

Vicky x


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Ex-Royal Navy, writer, Songwriter and Bucket Lister. Can't wait for 2016, lots of creative projects! Leave your email address on my website for my newsletters and tips etc.

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