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I had the honor of interviewing songwriter, traveler, and author, Vicky Jones, today, please check out her out stuff-
Me: So my first question is, you just wrote your debut novel, tell us about it

VJ: It’s not quite ready yet, front cover done, outline done, just doing research at the moment. It’s set in 1950s Alabama and talks about a controversial friendship and love story about a heartbreaking friendship due to racial issues and homophobia. There is also a class division whereby all that should matter is that people want to be together, but there are obstacles and dangers along the way with a devastating outcome…
Me: What made you decide to write a novel?, you were a songwriter before?, that’s kind of a jump

VJ: I’m still a songwriter, I love doing both. I think my heart is with music but I’m just branching out. Now that I’ve dipped my toe into writing a novel, I’ve got about another dozen book ideas! Being creative is a blessing and a curse! I’ve been songwriting since the age of 7, so it’s in my blood and a very useful outlet if I have a bad day!
Me: Awesome!, which all artists have you written songs for?

VJ: ‘ve had Keisha White record one of my tracks, called Breathe (Underwater). But unfortunately, for reasons outside, the track was shelved. Leanne Jarvis off of The Voice UK has recorded my track ‘She’s In Love’ and its on iTunes, shes so talented and a lovely girl. Also, X Faxtors Lydia Lucy recorded Breathe and performs it on some gigs.
Me: And you have a new radio single called “Save you”?

VJ: Yes, Save You is a very personal and painful track for me, but I’m hoping releasing it will do some good. Its a true story of when tragically I lost my friend to depression, I found her once and managed to save her, but not the next time. I was too late. I cried when I recorded it in the studio… However, it is available on iTunes and does tell about the positive influence she had in my life. All proceeds go to the mental health charity Mind. I still don’t think we talk enough about depression yet it affects so many people. If my song can help just one person, that would be amazing…
Me: Depression is a thing that affects so many people, whether directly or indirectly, mind is an organization you’re involved with?

I’m not involved with it, but in the future I’d like to be as I think we need to support any organization that raises awareness of something we still find difficult to talk about and yet when people talk openly about it, barriers come down and people start to feel a bit better..
Me: And bullying is another issue, you have a song about it called house of cards?

VJ: I do! House Of Cards could be seen as biographical for me, but also for many people. It tells the story of how other people may see us as strong and sturdy on the outside (like a house) but in fact, we are flimsy and just struggling to get through the day and the slightest ‘knock’ could make us tumble. I’ve chosen Stonewall as the charity for the fantastic AntiBullying campaigns they run. This track has had some radio play too. Its available on iTunes now. There is a positive ending to the track saying that if the bully who is likely to be somebody who infact needs help themselves, stops with the name calling etc, then the victim could in fact help ‘them’. So basically, stop being mean to each other and help each other out where you can…
Me: Are there any other songs for charity?

VJ: Not as yet, just the 2. The next songs I will release on iTunes will be for me to get my name out there as a writer of a few different genres of music
Me: What all genres do you write for?

VJ: I write Pop, Po/rock, ballads and some dance music… love writing emotive songs,or a track that has a great hooky chorus that you keep singing all day!
Me: Well we definitely look forward to you succeeding in all those genres!, so everywhere I look, I keep seeing bucket list, what is Vicky Jones’ bucket list about?

Ah! That’s another project I’m working on… I used to be in the Royal Navy from 20-24 years old and travelled the world and led an exciting life, then I started concentrating on music but realised I didn’t have a lot to write about as I didn’t go anywhere or do anything.. Then around -aged 29, I came up with a list of challenges and places I wanted to visit, and the Bucket List was born. At first it had around 10-20 places on it, now it has around 300 and I’ve completed around 170 tasks so far! In writing a book about my adventures as there has been lots!! I only did it because quite a few people said to me they would love to read about what I got up to! It’s a way of life for me now and I hope to inspire people to travel more, challenge themselves more or just come out of their comfort zone a bit more.. Even ordering a different meal at a restaurant, or taking your dog on a different walk to what you normally do or visiting Alaska, it all counts!
Me: So as a traveler, how many countries have you been to?, continents?, and what have been your favorites?

I’ve been to lots of places as part of the Bucket List: Cambodia, Vietnam, Alaska, Iceland, Thailand, Iceland,Canada, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Finland, Estonia, Morroco, Latvia to name a few! My favourites are Alaska and Iceland. They seemed quiet and peaceful… I’m off on a Europe trip soon visiting 7 countries I haven’t visited before, can’t wait!!
Me: They weren’t too cold?, and which 7 countries?, going to post on Twitter hopefully!

VJ: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary!
Me: So one last question, from reading my blog, you can tell I’m a Christian, what are your spiritual views and how do they affect your writing?

I’m quite spiritual I think, not necessarily really religious, but I do believe in a God, I’m Church of England… I’ve been through some tough times, like many I believe and have definitely prayed to get through those times but I’m also now even more grateful when good things happen it when people do good things… I’ve written songs about this kind of thing.. I believe in fate and that I was meant to learn what I’m learning…. Hopefully to help others
Me: Thank you so much for the interview!, I look forward to what the future brings you!

VJ: Thank you, I enjoyed it!!
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