Day 16 of 30 Days of Running (Bucket List) – DONE!

 Dear oh dear…

When that alarm went off at 5.30am, I could have quite easily turned it off! I was sooo tired 😴

I put it on snooze once, but I know that’s my lot, if I put it on snooze another time, I’ll be making myself go out later than I’d like, and I hate rushing in the morning. I like my cuppa and porridge in peace..

As you can see from pic, I’ve got my calves strapped up. My aunt who is an oesteopath if anybody needs, gave me acupuncture on my ankle and calves.

This morning, the ankle was 90% better and calves slightly better, but still tight.

Apparently I have flat feet and hardly any arches, no wonder it hurts when I run!

Still, I quite enjoy my plodding round the field now, I just want to do a full lap.

I did a good run today, I got to where I park the car, I’m aiming to keep this distance and then maybe really push when time isn’t an issue say on the weekend…

Right, now for that cuppa…



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2 thoughts on “Day 16 of 30 Days of Running (Bucket List) – DONE!

  1. Proud of you! Xxx you are doing way better than I ever could ❤️


    1. Don’t be silly! Look at how driven you are! You don’t give upccx

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