Day 14 out of 30 Days of Running (Bucket List) – DONE!

Ok, it’s getting REALLY tough now!

Went to the gym last night to hopefully soften muscles that are aching, but legs starting to feel really tired. Ideally, if have a day off to rest, but this is a challenge!!

Woke up at first to a cloudy moody morning, but it turned out like this (see pic) it was cold but I knew that I’d warm up soon enough.

My calves felt like I was carrying weights on them. They seem to seize up whether I stretch them it not.

If anybody has advice about this kind of stuff, please let me know! 👍

Well, I ran my furthest yet! Back to the car, but not quite a full lap yet, that still feels like miles away 😔

But I’m nearly halfway through the challenge, I’m surprised I got this far AND with getting up early before work!

Now for my porridge 😉  

Published by vickyjones1980

Ex-Royal Navy, writer, Songwriter and Bucket Lister. Can't wait for 2016, lots of creative projects! Leave your email address on my website for my newsletters and tips etc.

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