Day 11 of 30 days if Running (Bucket List) – DONE!

It was bound to happen.

A day when it wasn’t going to be as good as the day before. That day was today. These days are setbacks and tests. It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy eh?

The weather had turned horrid, drizzly, windy… Cold 💦

I met up with Karen around 9am, then we saw a group of boys were having a football training session. Where they were was right where we run and normally where I have to stop.

It probably sounds stupid, but I didn’t want to run near them, but I also didn’t want to NOT run. Karen wasn’t keen either. They had this boundless energy and my poor legs are aching!

We ran up and down the field at the back, and across a football field away from them, so I got a run in, but I have no idea how far I ran.

Just one of those days. Onwards and upwards!


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