Day 6 out 30 Days of Running (Bucket List) – DONE!!!

Day 6!

What a beautiful day as you can see by the pics, definately a contrast to day 2!

I needed to go running anyway after wasting a big roast dinner yesterday and stuffing my face with Easter eggs!!

Karen and I messaged each other and credit to her, she wanted to come back for more punishment!!! 😜

We met around 9am, normal place and the weather was beautiful, not too hot, but blue skies as you can see from the pics.

I ran around 50-60 metres or so further than yesterday which I was happy with, any progress is good. It was tricky to see where I stopped as there were no prominent features, I just had to remember where ‘that’ bush is, it’s fairly distinctive.

Luckily, no major pain in legs, just niggles.

Karen who was doing her app on her phone, was merrily jogging away, and inspired me to go round twice. I made sure I could find that particular bush so as to remember to pass it tomorrow.

Karen went round 3 times, great effort!

Well done us 👍 



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