Day 2 out 30 for ’30 days of Running- Bucket List’

 It’s Day 2

I was texting my friend Karen about what I was doing. And she said that she has never ran but one day wanted to do it. I thought ‘no time like the present’ and asked if she would come with me for day 2. She was hesitant, but I said to at least give it a go as more often than not it’s the ‘fear’ that is worse than the actual doing.

We decided to meet at 8.30am and a field next to what we call the ‘Rec’ in Stanford le hope. I picked it, again, because I thought (especially at that time of he morning) nobody will see me.

I was desperately hoping that I would have a more successful run than yesterday. Instead if my trail trainers, I used my trusted Asics trainers but with my proper shin splint insoles. I was hoping I would be comfortable. That wasn’t to be… 😔

I said to Karen that for me, it was about beating the distance that I did before, so wherever I stopped running today, I wanted to beat tomorrow and so on.

Karen was going to do the app ‘Couch to 5k’ and I was just going to see how far I could run, then jog, then walk and so on.

We walked a little to warm up, then I got to the ermmm dog poo bin an that was my starting point for my run. With my music blaring in my ear with my Karen Harding song on repeat (Say Something) I felt pretty good… Karen was still on the walking point of her app. I struggled to catch up with her even when I was jogging and she was walking!!

Eventually I had to stop and it worked out that it was at the goal posts which is easy to remember for tomorrow.

But that familiar pang of pain started in both my feet.

I hadn’t cut my insoles small enough and my feet were scrunched up and every footstep got more and more painful.

I walked a bit then did some more jogging, but it got to the point where I was limping now.

Karen on the other hand (in the bottom pic) was doing fantastic!!! She had exceeded both our expectations! I was so proud of her. Remember she has NEVER run before and here she was, jogging away! I know that it took so much strength for her just to come out, let alone run. Massive well done to her.

Still, I made some progress. I ENJOYED it more than yesterday, but was in pain, but I will get there…

We are meeting same time, same place. My goal is to ermmm run past the goal posts!



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