Day 1 of 30 days of Running for Bucket List- DONE!


I got the first run under my belt!

Trust me, at first, EVERYTHING seemed more appealing than putting on my new trail trainers (more on those later) and heading out in this horrid wind to do something that I’ve both been wanting but dreading to do -Run.

I suffer badly with shin splints but had oesteotherapy which helped but they reared their ugly head today.

I chose Langdon Hills, Essex for my first run. Mainly because hopefully I won’t bump into anybody who will see this pathetic excuse of a wannabe runner plodding no quicker than a snail up and down hills!

I got lost on the way there and felt like turning back. I dropped my phone and I got lost going onto the path that I aimed to jog on- going well! 👍

I out Missy Elliott Get Ya Freak On to give me some attitude, but I needed a miracle! To be fair, I jogged longer than I thought I could. I jogged a whole song (please don’t laugh if you are a seasoned runner- this is a big deal to me) however, shortly after I went into a little field coming off one of the paths- my feet had that familiar pang of pain- the startings of shin splints.

I bought trail trainers and made sure I out my trusted shin splint insoles, but it felt like somebody was grabbing my feet and squeezing them and the pain was travelling up! Ouch! I carried on for a bit longer and was out of breath. But had to stop when I was near-on limping.

I thought ‘I’m not quitting’ I’m gonna do this 30 days of running, I will just have to think of solutions… I will change trainers, warm up better and see what happens. 

If you’re wondering what the circle chart like thing is, it’s to measure how it went. I got the idea from the amazing Professor Greg Whyte (the guy behind training all the celebs for their crazy Comic Relief challenges) 

Let’s see what happens tomorrow….

Until then…..


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