Song/Poem I wrote for Armed Forces personnel and families Titled: BRAVE 

As you may have read, I was in the Royal Navy for around 4 years. It was one of the most exciting times if my life…. And most scary.

I served in the Gulf (proudly have a medal) and never forget the feeling of when you are deploying for 6-7 months.

We always got told how brave we all were but not enough was said for the people back home being strong and brave for us.

I wrote a beautiful song titled Brave that depicts the feeling of being brave from all different points of view.

The first, was a parent saying goodbye to their son/daughter and seeing how brave they were. Then I describe how the the soldier/sailor/airman feels that a new young serviceman is deploying to a war zone for the first time and how they feel that they want to protect them even forgoing their own safety.

Is love to record this track… Just saving up the pennies to. The poem version was published on a Forces website, can’t wait for you all to hear it.

My dream is that it is the Help For Heroes or Royal British Legion song and that every download (100% of the profit) goes to those charities.

I wrote from the heart and know firsthand the heartache of leaving home to go on a potentially dangerous deployment. I’d love for it to be released for a Remembrance Day.

Let me know your comments, thank you.

Here are the lyrics

> Brave

> Damn clock,
> Seems to tick down loud,
> My heart stops,
> At the doorstep feeling proud,
> You’re scared,
> But cover your trembling hands,

> I’ve left,
> A letter in your bag,
> To glow bright,
> For when it gets too bad,
> Wish I,
> Could be as close as the words on the page.

> To keep you safe from harm,
> But the badge on your arm
> Means you,
> You’re a hero to us all
> You’re so brave

> I’m so proud to share my life with you,
> And I’m so scared,
> But I can’t say that to you,
> I just pray that you come home safe
You’re so brave

> 18,
> Seems no age at all,
> You’re so short,
> But standing ten feet tall,
> I’ve made,
> A promise to stay right beside you

> When you don’t think I hear,
> You try to hold back the tears
> Missing home,
> Through the noises that ring loud,
> You’re so brave

> I’m so proud to share this all with you,
> Yeah I’m scared but can’t say it to you,
> I just pray
> That we get home safe,
> You’re so brave 

> Today shook my world apart theres a space right beside me,
> I tried my best to save you but all in vain,
> Gonna tell them at home how you inspired me,
> I read my letter over again,
> But its tear-stained

> I’m so proud to have shared my life with you,
> I was so scared and I know that you were too,
> I just pray that we’ll meet again
> Someday

Thanks for reading

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