Track I wrote Titled Save You in honour to friend I lost to ‘Stupid’ Depression…

I thought I’d share this track I wrote and recorded. 

It’s for anybody who has lost somebody, mainly to mental illness. I still don’t think we do enough or talk enough about it. There is still a stigma attached to depression and other mental illnesses.

I’d like to think that if I knew more about depression at the time, I may have been able to save one of my best friends at the time. Her name was Vi .

I found her in her attempt to take her own life. The sight is something I wouldn’t want anybody to see. My heart broke.

She just about survived that attempt ( I have no idea how) but unfortunately succeeded in her attempt a little while later after refusing treatment in hospital. 

She was battling depression for years. Everybody started to ‘steer clear’ of her, when what she really needed was love and understanding. I tried, and to this day, feel I failed to ‘bring her back’ hence me writing a song called Save You.

I cried when I recorded it in the studio up in Manchester.

I hope you like it. Literally every word is true.

Thank you,

Vicky x

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Ex-Royal Navy, writer, Songwriter and Bucket Lister. Can't wait for 2016, lots of creative projects! Leave your email address on my website for my newsletters and tips etc.

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