Are you a Counsellor? How To Start Standing Out Online From Your Competitors and Get More Clients… Without Spending A Fortune On Ads!

Imagine this feeling…

Do You Want to Be A Counsellor Who Consistently Avoids seeing ‘Zero Enquiries‘ on your profile?

Ready To Say Hello To More More Visibility On Your Profile?

If you want to get MORE visibility that could lead to more clients, then you need these tips because, among other things, they will help elevate your profile so you don’t have to deal with wasting time and money and not getting anywhere and getting left behind your competitors…

Tip 1.

Pick 10 competitor counsellor profiles. On each one, position yourself as the client. What positive things do you see about each profile – write them down.

How are the counsellors ‘speaking’? Formal? Friendly?

Do YOU feel drawn to that counsellor? If yes, why? – write it down.

‘They seem to address objections, worries etc.’

Tip 2

Re-vamp your profile across the platforms.

Is your profile about you or is it ‘speaking’ to the client – there is a MASSIVE difference!

Does your profile look the same as your competitors?

How/why would your potential client pick you above everybody else?

Tip 3

Get testimonials from previous clients. Obviously don’t show their full name, but make it clear they are/were a client or somebody who has accessed your service.

Include testimonials throughout your website/profile to show social proof.

‘Don’t take my word for it… here’s what my clients say’

Tip 4

Survey your audience. Whether that be followers on your social media, current clients etc.

Find out ‘specifically’ (the more detailed the better) of what their pain points/objections are/would be in accessing counselling.

When I have done polls, simple things like the actual booking experience (i.e. they had to speak to somebody on the phone rather than online booking) led some people to not access counselling.

Do you cater for all/most objections? If you do, you will already stand out from your competitors.

Tip 5

Bring out regular content specifically for your audience. They are looking at your for guidance. If you can bring out information tailored to their pain points ‘anxiety, depression etc.’ then you put yourself in authority and somebody they can trust.

If they aren’t already a client, they would be more inclined as they will keep saying: ‘S/he is really on my wavelength with their blogs/posts etc.’ and more inclined to enquire as they will think:

‘If this is what their free content is like, imagine what their sessions will be like?’

Tip 6

List the benefits, not just the features of your service. People buy/access service not for features, but based on emotion.

How are they likely to ‘feel’ in your sessions? Safe, secure, listened to, acknowledged?

(By doing the previous tips of surveying and finding out their pain points, you will add in here what they would want to ‘feel’.)

Eg. ‘In our sessions, you will feel you can open up in a safe space without being judged.

You will be listened to.’

Tip 7

Use questions in the headline sections (the bit potential clients see before they click on your profile)

AVOID: Making it all about you. In one sentence, HOW will YOU help the client? What are they likely to feel at the point of searching?

EG. ‘Are you looking for a safe space to open up in? Do you feel like even the small things are getting on top of you? etc.

What to do now?…

1. Are you a qualified  counsellor?

2. Do you want to implement these tips right away so that you don’t miss out?

3. Are you willing and able to pay somebody A LOT of money to do it? (If no, go to #4)

4. Contact me now and I will help take care of ALL of these things for you at a ridiculously affordable price. (To the point where EVEN IF you only got 1 more extra client from it, you’d be in profit)

Sound good?

Hope that makes things easier for you, whatever you decide to do.

For a one-off payment of £149

I will go through your profiles (website, counselling directory, psychology today etc.) and make it stand out, be compelling and appealing to your potential clients.

I will give you the EXACT questions to pass on to your clients to tease out the answers for an AMAZING testimonial for your platforms.

I will give you 20 killer headlines for content specific for your niche so that you are seen as an authority in your field. No more blank pages for ideas!.

Here’s What You ALSO Get:

YOU get 20% discount off ANY future work with me for a per hour/per job basis.

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You get next step advice re: building your social media presence to reach even more clients!


“I absolutely LOVE what you’ve written!”

“I’ve run it past my family, and they love what you’ve written too!”

“It’s blooming fantastic!”

“Thank you so so much! I’m thrilled!”

Don’t be left behind, say YES to building a flourishing business!

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5 Tips to help you AFTER you have written your book.

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So you’ve written a book?

That’s awesome! Genuinely well done, that’s no easy feat!

Here are 5 tips (that we use) to help you.

  1. How to make your Book Description stand out on Amazon.
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You can see that it’s easy to read, some words are in BOLD and some are a different font size etc. But it took us way longer than it should, to realise how to do it. You will know that when you’re in the KDP bookshelf page and you want to edit any part of your book, there is a section for your book description. If you simply copy and paste a book description, it will all come out the same, but….. if you use the FREE Book Description Generator, it is SO EASY to get your book description looking like the one above.

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Then watch the video below to see how it’s done.

2. How to choose the BEST Amazon categories for your book.

When you have to pick your initial 3 categories for where you want your book to appear, it can seem daunting. Now, when you use this method, there is NO GUESSWORK!

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You will see categories that you did’t know existed and it will give you more of a chance to hit bestseller and for a bonus point, watch the video below to show how you can rank for up to 10 categories!

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Being completely honest for a minute. When we wrote and released our first book ‘Meet Me At 10’ I didn’t have a clue about the 7 keywords you choose in order for Amazon for help ‘find you’ from all of the searches people type in. It was only through writing groups such as the SPF (Self Publishing Formula) group which is run by the amazing marketing guru and thriller writer Mark Dawson and 20BooksTo50k which is run by Craig Martelle (Sci Fi writer) that we knew about the importance of picking the right keywords. Before, honestly for Meet Me At 10, I was putting ‘Book, 1950s, Deep South, Kindle Book’ and can’t remember the rest. In all the thousands of searches like ‘Book’ how on earth did I expect people to land on ‘Meet Me At 10’?

But, if you click here, you will see again, how you won’t need to guess!

4. How to learn how to advertise using Amazon ads (this is FREE too!)

So you’ve written your book, done your book description, entered your book into the categories to give it the best chance of getting visibility right?.

Now you need to supercharge that visibility and get it in front of buyers – Amazon buyers who are already on the site ready to purchase.

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5. See what your competition do… and do it better!

Ok, this software isn’t free, but I guarantee, you’ll always use for every single book you write! I love it! Whether it’s seeing which categories they use, how much they earn, where they are ranking etc. You NEED this software.

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In Summary

  1. Check out the Book Description Generator
  2. Check out how to choose the best Amazon categories for your book – Click here
  3. How to pick the Best Keywords for your book – Click here
  4. FREE Amazon ads course – Click here
  5. Get Publisher Rocket Software – You NEED this!

If you put all these together (obviously along with the basics, good editing, good front covers etc.) you will be well on your way to increased book selling success! Good luck and let me know how you get on!

Take care,

Vicky x

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5 Tips to help you after you have written your book!

4 Simple ways to do research for your book!

These were four ideas that I came up with that we’ve used ourselves. So I hope that they inspire you for your book.

Number 1: Read up on your subject! (And watch movies)

Might seem a really simple one. Just type in on Amazon the time period or the geographical area. When we did the Shona Jackson Series, the first book that we wrote was Meet Me At 10.

I did loads of research on the 1950s America and 1950s Deep South. It was an area that before that series I didn’t have a clue about.

I watched some movies also like Mississippi Burning, The Help and Fried Green Tomatoes in order to get more of a feel about the 1950s and or the Deep South. It will also give you an idea about any slang and dialect.

Number 2: Ask people who are from the area and use social media.

This can be physically from the area where they live or work in the area/field that you’re talking about. When we did the Shona Jackson Series, it was on my Twitter actually that I asked people if they were from Alabama and if they were, if I could get in contact with them. A couple of them then became our beta readers and they turned out to be absolutely amazing help.

They would tell us about dialect, what things were believable, what weren’t, how we could change it and how we could make it the absolute best book that it can be and where it’s really authentic.

Then with our latest series, which is the Rachel Morrison Series, we have used a retired murder detective and he’s helping us loads with our research for this series.

And again, I reached out on social media. Luckily he’s a writer, so when I had to ask him some really dodgy questions, he wasn’t shocked because it was all in the name of research! But the thing is I also know that he will be able to tell me if something that we’re doing is believable or not. A lot of the time people are only too happy to help because the worst thing is when they feel like people are writing about their field or their area and it’s completely off. So just put out a tweet or find a group on Facebook and just ask people for their help.

Number 3: Use a virtual assistant.

We’ve got a virtual assistant or they’re also known as VA’s. Ours is called Erin (Click here to check her out) She was really instrumental in some of our research for The Beach House, which is book three in the Shona Jackson Series.

We gave her a list of questions because The Beach House is set across different years in California. So we asked her to research about the news, the food, religion, fashion trends etc. You get the idea.

You can get a virtual assistant from typing into Google, asking for recommendations, you could go on Upwork, all different places.

Number 4: Use Google Images or Google Earth.

This one’s really good for the description of the landscape. If you’re setting your book in London, Liverpool or New York, just go on Google Images or Google earth and type in that destination and really get a feel for the place. What colours can you see? Is it bustling? Is it full of mountains? Can you see any flowers? Are there are a lot of cars about? It makes it more authentic for the reader. I think it was quite famous that EL James used Google Earth in order to write 50 Shades . So our book The Burying Place, is set in Cornwall so we’ve been looking up Google Images and Google Earth in order to make it more real so people can really sense that they’re in Cornwall.

Let me know what book you’re working on at the moment!

`Happy writing!

Vicky x

Top 5 books I recommend…

You’ll notice that they’re all nonfiction. I do actually prefer to read nonfiction. I like to learn about different people’s lives and experiences.

In no particular order. The first one I want to talk about is:

 Ben Fogle called Up: My Life’s Journey to the Top of Everest.

Really, really enjoyed this one. I don’t know much about Ben Fogle other than he’s a bit of an adventurer to say the least, and this was really easy to read.

So if you’re looking for an easy read where you haven’t got to think too much, I’d really recommend this one. There’s some sad parts in it due to him having a tragedy, but the way that he talks about the mental battle to get to the top of Everest is well worth reading. So definitely recommend that one.

Number two. Where would we be without Crushing It from Gary Vaynerchuk? Absolutely loved this book. In fact, I love all of his books. You should check him out on YouTube. If you’re running your own business or doing a start up, you need to be listening to this guy. He’s absolutely amazing. And what I like about Crushing It is, it’s divided into really easy to read sections. There’s some take-home tips that you can get started with straight away. You can see obviously with the reviews that he’s absolutely smashing it, and he’s got about two or three other books that I’ve read and one of those I’ll be mentioning in a little bit, but Crushing It is absolutely amazing. Well worth it. It’s sort of that book that you can dip in and out for different sections. If you’re doing YouTube, Twitter or Instagram etc, he teaches you how to DM people to get more business, so really, really recommend that.

Book number three, really enjoyed Generating Story Ideas, Tips and Techniques to Hatch Book Ideas from Scratch. If you are an author or creative writer in any way, shape, or form, I really do recommend this one. Again, you can probably tell by the pattern of books that I read is very easy to read. It’s divided into sections where you can pick up and ideas. You can learn how to create a twist on a story that’s already been done, but it’s how you can add your spin to it.

Without doubt, if you were to read this book, you will come up with lots and lots of different ideas to the point where the amazing problem will be is that you’ve got too many! And then if you watch our YouTube videos, we’ll show you how to turn that book idea into a fully blown novel.

Some of you may know that I used to be in the Royal Navy and so I’m very into military or people that have served and their different experiences. And I’m a big fan of SAS: Who Dares Wins, and one of the stars of the show is Mark Billingham, also known as Billy. He’s really inspirational. He was in the SAS and he talks about his journey of how he got into the SAS, what his upbringing was like, the problems that he faced, where he lived, and actually the selection process of getting into the SAS, which is just an absolute beast, and then how he got into the show- SAS: Who Dares Wins.

So it’s very much, again about the mental battle and I’m very into that. I like learning from inspirational people. So if you have got any books that you recommend to me from people that are really inspirational, then please comment down below.

#AskGaryVee from Gary Vaynerchuk. Again he makes an appearance. I just really love this guy. He’s just so straight to the point and there are questions that people have put to him where he answers them in very straightforward format and there’s no messing. If you watch his YouTube videos, beware, he does tend to like swearing, but it’s just his straight to the point nature. He shares his frustrations of what not to do to be starting up a business, and how to get more followers on social media for your business.

Let me know your top five books that you’ve read recently.

Would OUR books make your TOP 5?

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Happy reading!

Vicky x

5 Tips to come up with book ideas!

As you can see from the title, this blog is about how to generate your book ideas because sometimes, we all know what it’s like, you can get into a bit of a slump, or this could be your first book and you really want to make a good go of it but you just don’t know where to start.


One idea is to look into your local news. I got this idea from Peter James. He is a best-selling thriller writer. I feel very lucky that he follows me on Twitter, and I asked him, because he’s so prolific. This was his top tip for how to come up with book ideas: to look into your local news.

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When I did, I could see what he meant, because obviously you can look at national news and you can come up with story ideas from that, but there’s something about local news. It can be storylines that might not make it into the national news, but you can put really good twists on them. So, buy a local newspaper and think of the backstory that was involved in a particular story that caught your eye.

Example of local news. What stories could YOU come up with?>


Travel. This is one of my favorites because I love traveling, and I always find that wherever I travel I always seem to come up with really creative ideas, and that could be going abroad, or in the same country. It’s just when you go somewhere that you haven’t been before, your creative brain just comes up with different scenarios. And if I see a spooky house or think of something, I think, “I wonder what happened here?” Or if I know the story of something, I think to myself, “What twist could I put on it?”

What could have taken place here?

Could it be a paranormal element? Could it be a time travel element? Could it be a romance element? So when you’re next traveling, or even just book a trip in order to come up with some book ideas, just start looking at the world a little bit differently. Look at it as if to say, “Okay, what vibe does this give me? What twists could I put on it with this? What would happen here? What would be a really, compelling storyline?”


Read books that are basically designed to help you generate book ideas.

Now, I will link some in that I’ve used myself or that I recommend, but some of these, if you look through them, you’ll end up just coming up with so many ideas. And if you literally do all of these ideas together, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that you’re going to come up with loads and loads of storylines. And then in future blogs, I’m going to show you how to develop a book idea into a fully blown novel, so don’t worry too much if at this stage you come up with a book idea, you’re not sure how to develop it.

Click here to check it out!


Add a spin to a story you already know. Say something like the Titanic. What if it didn’t sink? What if Jack didn’t die? What if in Saving Private Ryan, they couldn’t find the surviving brother? You get the idea. Start adding “what ifs.” What if the main thing didn’t happen? Obviously make it so it’s nowhere near the original story, because you don’t want to get sued! It’s just to give you a bit of a framework. We’re not worried about editing at this stage. This is just the creative stage.


Have a look in your phone, if you’ve been out for the day or just if you were feeling particularly creative, and think to yourself when you look at the photo, what kind of vibe does it give you? When you add a filter to it, like a black and white one, does it make it a bit more spooky? If you took a picture of some flowers, who could the flowers be from, if it was to be a fictional story? If you had taken a picture of a nice view and there was a ship in the background or a boat, who could be on that boat? Who could they be visiting? Are they missing or anything like that? So just look in your phone, holiday pictures or pictures around the town. Let me know what you come up with!

Happy Writing!

Vicky x

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How did we come up with the idea for the ‘Shona Jackson’ series?

The boxset (on Kindle Unlimited) is available on Amazon now

How Did We Come Up With the Idea for the Shona Jackson Series?

Basically, I’ve written stories all my life.

I’m a songwriter, I’ve got some songs on iTunes, I’ll put a link to those. If you’re into pop music, ballads, dance music, stuff like that.

Check this out on iTunes

(Click here to listen to my songs on iTunes)

If you’re into songwriting yourself, you’ll understand that basically words are expensive, you can’t waffle, you’ve got to tell a story and you’ve got two verses, three verses sometimes and a chorus to get your point across.

When you’re writing a song, there can be nothing that detracts from the main storyline. The good thing about that is that, is when it comes to writing short stories or eventually books, my aim was just to get straight to the point.

When I was writing songs, I always knew that I wanted to progress onto writing short stories, which is what I did in school and I did as part of my degree course. I did a creative writing module when I was doing my psychology and criminology degree, but then also it was on my bucket list to write a book. We always say that we’ve got a book in us.

Because it was on my bucket list, I wanted to know how to start writing a book because it felt like it was a massive mountain to climb.

What’s on your bucket list? Check this book out on Amazon.

What I did is I joined a writing group in Stanford-le-Hope, which is where I’m from. The lovely lady that runs it, Sharon Atkinson, really encouraged me and my co-author Claire Hackney to just start experimenting really, and I think that’s a lot of the problem which is with creatives is we always want to get it right straight away. We always fill up, we’re going to be judged, but the truth is just make loads of mistakes, explore different genres, explore different ideas. What Sharon did, which is I’ll be forever grateful, is she kind of made us come out of our comfort zone and each month she would set us a task to write in an area that we wouldn’t normally write in, to explore something we wouldn’t normally explore. I remember in particular that this particular month, I think it was the month of May, we had to write a short story on a vending machine. A VENDING MACHINE!!!!

Now she used to pick things that would be really uninspiring to really get our creative juices going. I was sitting there thinking, “What can I write about a vending machine that would be good enough to read, entertaining?” For ages I was trying to think, “Could it be a magic vending machine? Could it be a time traveling vending machine?” I thought that’s not really me, even though when it’s come out of my comfort zone, I thought that’s not really me. What I did was is I started to think of, “Okay, would people meet at this vending machine?” That’d be the story. Who could meet? I thought about people were having an affair and I thought, “Well, that’s kind of, that’s been done to death.” I thought, “Well, that all depends on the setting, the time, situation.”

I started to explore that a bit more, that two people in particular meeting. Why would that be a good story?

Very long story short, I thought about a controversial storyline, which is what became as Meet Me at 10 and if you’ve read Meet Me at 10, you’ll understand why it’s controversial. Especially with the time that it was written and the area it was written.

Meet Me At 10 is available on Amazon now (and is in Kindle Unlimited)

I don’t want to give too many spoilers away, but I decided to focus on the 1950s deep South because at that time, I think there were some movies out that I started to watch and I thought, “Do you know what? That really fits in well with Meet Me at 10.” Meet Me at 10 started off as a short story, but the problem was there was, I think it was a 5,000 or a 10,000 word limit on the short story for this monthly competition at Sharon’s group. I remember I was writing until three in the morning and it got to 20 or 30,000 words and I thought, “I can’t submit this to the short story competition, but what I could do is build it into a fully blown novel.”

I thought, “If I’m going to do that, I need to do a lot of research,” and I will be doing a blog on how we did our research for Meet Me at 10 and how we do our research for our books now. I read everything I could on the 1950s, watched all the movies that were around about that time, spoke to people, messaged people on Facebook and Twitter and found out about speech, slang.

Meet Me at 10 was born and the story is controversial, provocative. I don’t want you to read Meet Me at 10 and just go, “Yeah, that’s okay.” You’re going to really feel something when you read this book, and that is because it is born out of powerful stories.

If you’ve read Meet Me at 10, you know exactly what I mean with how it ends. It needed a sequel, and it got one. The Beach House.

The Beach House – available on Amazon.

Also, there is not just a sequel.

We thought because Shona Jackson, who’s the main character has got such a compelling backstory and she is quite a magnetic character, that we decided to do a prequel and that’s where Shona was born.

Start your journey here…

This tells how she ended up in the place where Meet Me at 10 starts and while she’s on the run.

I do hope that you check out the series.

Comment down below if you have read the Shona Jackson series, let us know what you think.

Also, you can sign up to our mailing list, which I will leave a link below too so you can be the first to hear as to what other products we’ve got on the go and trust me, 2020, there is loads on the go.

Thank you so much, take care,

Vicky xx

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